Old team best equipped for todays game

Watching a lit of old games the last few weeks. A notable difference to the game today? What team from the past do you think would be best equipped to impact todays game?

Kilkenny is the obvious answer the 06-09 side but the style they played, although only 10 to 15 years ago was still based on backs winning ball and driving into the forwards. With how little space is given now would that work?

Watching the Cork 03-06 team Id stick my bet on them. The smart puck outs the smart interplay, think Ben and Jerry… They had serious pace in that team to. I think they would impact todays game very well


Not many being honest. I’m not sure they’ve got it in the legs :wink:

I think the coming deep of Kilkenny wing forwards and Brian Hogan playing as s sweeper were totally ignored and either didnt get their due criticism or praise in a hamfisted analysis that Kilkenny didn’t do tactics and every man won his own ball …

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You don’t have to tell me twice!!!