Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris

Only a matter of time before these are postponed. US Track and Field coming out now so that should increase the pressure even further on the IOC

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sooner the better …

It’s not just the games athletes who having been working their whole life towards the games will have to train during this crisis are a risk if spreading it. Call it off now and announce 2021 as new date.

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There’s also athletes who may have targeted events to set their qualifying time and now those events are being called off.

Don’t know what the wait on this is, just announce they’re being postponed.


Agree that they need to be postponed, and this should be announced sooner rather than later.
Won’t suit me personally, as I have flights booked since last September to fly to Tokyo on 21st July. These are probably all up in the air now too (no pun intended!)

they cant postpone into the autumn as NBC wont allow them to run the Olympics at the same time as the NFL, NBC have the biggest contract and have been running the show for a long time now. I remember Olympics being held in September, and although late july/early august has been the thing since 2000 the last time they were in Japan they were in october.

Aye, Sydney Olympics were late September.

Most people don’t really give a sh1t about this drug-fuelled nonsense at this stage.

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It’ll be next year. Yanks are looking for a 12 month postponement. Aussies have told their athletes that it will be a 12 months delay.

IOC have stated categorically that cancellation is off the table

having it next year is a compromise which works.

Funnily enough, the 2021 World Athletics Championships are due to be held in Eugene, Oregon, not a million miles away from Portland, home of Salazar’s drug scheme.

canada have pulled out - so that’s that

Just announced, postponed until 2021…

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Deutschland all the way :+1:

Athens surely if it’s the same venue.

Doubtful the Greeks could afford it on a continous basis. They only just about hosted it in 2004. Also IOC have already suggested it may be held in multiple sites in a country going forward. I.E a country for example could bid for the Olympics as opposed to a City and spread the venues across the country. i.e. In Germany sailing would be in Kiel, Atheltics in Berlin, Gymnastics in say Cologne etc… which would spread the costs out somewhat.

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Well if a permanent venue is selected they should nt be expected to foot the bill . Athens would be historical choice. Surely some of the venues are in decent enough condition. Think I saw Aek Athens play last year in the Olympic stadium on tv and it looked fine. The IOC like FIFA used to have ridiculous standards . Need to accept that in good condition as opposed to luxury is ok.

Sure a few lads could fix them up !!! Pool does look a bit muddy though :confused:…