One Club model

I’ve noticed through social media that most Dublin clubs seem to operate with the one club model (correct me if I’m wrong!). Where juvenile adult ladies football and camogie are all under the one association.

My own club have toyed with the idea. Does it work? My fear would be that the ladies / camogie side would be suppressed as we have a fair few archaic lads who don’t believe the women are worthy to step on the pitches. Also when it comes to promotion of club activities does it become a lot for one PRO to promote all activities and end up neglecting some?

In general does it work? Better for bigger clubs? And are there many teething problems?

Fastest growing sport in the country is ladies football, reflected in our club too, our treasurer told me over a pint one night that the juvenile girls section is the fastest growing section within the club and we had more news members in that section than any other, The ladies/girls have full representation on the club commitee too, I think this is where the GAA is and want to go with the ‘A Club for All’ message. The majority that play ladies football or camogie are the Mam’s, daughters, sisters, Aunts of their male counterparts so in many cases the family are already members.
As for the GPO element, to best of my knowledge the LGFA (in Dublin anyway) do not contribute towards the GPO costs, not sure about camogie association, maybe any GPOs on here can confirm or clarify that.
Edit, sorry I read PRO as GPO hence why I mentioned that, PRO would actively promote both


I think Na Fianna are only club to actively promote handball and rounders also

Jude’s tries to give equallity to the 4 codes and it works …

Even the most archaic and blinkered anywhere would understand that a younger brother could exist. …

Quicker the whole shooting match is under roof in Croke Park the better

From experience, trying to promote all 4 codes in a club, it’s very tough going. You have certain people entrenched in their views, be it, mens football should be the main game, forget the others/hurling is only a secondary consideration in this club/camogie don’t get a look in over LGFA/LGFA don’t get the same benefits as the men.

But on the positive side, if you drive the dual code ethos from u7 in both codes, as parents come on board (hopefully) the kids get a fair crack at both, which hopefully they carry with them to adult, with no bias engrained in them. It has to be a long term view/aim, with a strong, neutral backbone to the club. The stronger you represent both codes, the larger pool of players you will retain in your club, the more you should bring through to adult teams, resulting in more competition for places and again, hopefully better teams.

Unfortunately, while I’ve mentioned both codes, I’m excluding rounders & handball. We haven’t even got near these yet as a club, despite my wife being a rounders fanatic.

From an admin point of view, male football and hurling coordinating has made a huge difference in the ability to promote both. Unfortunately even last year LGFA & Camogie were both claiming to be the more popular sport and didn’t need to compromise. But, this year they are finally looking at working together for 2021 and balancing their fixtures. They’ve had Damian Murphy helping them plan for the juvenile side, which can only be a good thing, considering what he has to manage on the boys side.

Apologies for the long post, but one club model “should” work when you have the majority pulling in the one direction, but you’ll also require the backing of a strong board to promote all codes equally. It’s certainly a challenge but if it was easy, everyone would do it.


Wasn’t aware Damien was helping with the Juvenile side of girls Football and camogie, that would be a massive bonus IMO.

He’s been like a consultant for them since the two ladies boards began discussions.

I think Crokes operate as separate clubs under the one name. ie. there are separate hurling and football clubs.

4 clubs under one name really…

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What club are you with?

Is it wrong to not want to say? I find some people’s views here are influenced by your club.


It works if people want to make it work. From academy up and it can be seamless.
Same juvenile committee all 4 codes with equal representation, same adult games etc. Al equally represented or no code representative on executive.
All treated same for equipment etc.
It’s not rocket science it’s basic equality but some clubs haven’t moved into the 20th century yet even much less 21st


Rightly or wrongly rounders and handball are forgotten sports in this country. I’m not so sure about them all under the GAA. Camogie could probably do with it in that they’re very slow to make any changes and are slow to progress as an organisation. Ladies Football are generally better and have been making huge strides in the last few years, i’d hate to see it become forgotten with no attention given to it.

You’re bang on about the importance of promoting the ladies side. Gone are the days that women are only for teas and coffees after the games thank god.

In my own club unfortunately we’ve a lot of juvenile boys coaches who would be quite “influential” if you know what I mean and they don’t want girls involved in any capacity. They don’t have the wives, sisters and daughters involved unfortunately.

It’s probably different as most Dublin clubs are larger so a few voices wouldn’t have as much of an influence. My club isn’t a tiny rural club but we’re not big enough to go and take the risk of these fellas voting to get the girls out or to regress them. Interesting to hear the perspective from bigger clubs.

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With no disrespect to them but are Crokes not more of a business than a club. In the way they are run. I get the impression that everything’s very formal, I doubt you’d have some volunteer in charge of the club accounts.

With a club that size it’d probably be a logistical nightmare not to have the hurling/football separate but I’ve also read on here that there’s other reasons for that.

What I mean is that it’s interesting that it’s not Kilmacud Crokes Ladies Football Club. It’s all under the one name. Whether that works or not I don’t know someone from there would have to answer.

I suppose that is a perception that some outsiders have, but their participation rates are high so whatever they are doing it works. There are pros and cons to every club and I’m sure the models are developed organically depending on the leadership at the time. From recollection the facilities that Crokes use now were originally provided by the parish and it was based on a community centre model with tennis clubs etc. That may have influenced the way they developed. The fact that they are huge would create the need for separate clubs under one brand.

Like schools who are influenced by their principal, clubs are influenced by their leadership…some clubs s have small minded leaders and some just don’t have the time or fear the effort that change brings.

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It’s not just bringing in camogie and ladies football. There are plenty of prominent people within clubs that would sooner if hurling disappeared too

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Why would you think Crokes are any different to any other club in this regard. The various committees within the various codes are all made up of volunteers, the fact that it’s one of the biggest clubs in the country also means it has the most volunteers of any club in the country.

I didn’t mean they wouldn’t have volunteers on the boards. Of course they do, no GAA club can exist without them.

I meant the fact that they are so huge that they would be dealing with greater sums of money so it would be unlikely to have some random joe-so in charge of the accounts. Even with football and hurling separate. Obviously you could have an accountant as a volunteer which is fair enough. I’m just guessing it would be too high-risk to put someone with no accounting background in charge of such big sums whereas it may be different in a rural tiny club as the sums are smaller.

Also this article.

I didn’t mean business in a negative way more that they’re running it in a way that works for the huge amounts of numbers. Whatever they’re doing is obviously working with such huge playing numbers and success too.

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