One Club model

Yes I think that’s the way to go for all clubs… ie. put proper structures in place, run the club properly.
We agreed a strategy 7 yrs ago and it involved improving our structures etc and more people have got involved as a result. We are a small club the turnover requires good governance and oversight.


Too many real committees meet in kitchens.

Some smaller clubs probably stuck too much in their ways and afraid of change. I suppose with bigger numbers things have to be run a bit tighter which is probably better for all.

Some big clubs stuck as well. I heard of a well known household name (a former all Ireland winning footballer) in a prominent north side club objecting to rounders in their club… I know of another prominent club on the south side who have instructed their camogie teams to give away home advantage due to pitch shortages, but their footballers and hurlers haven’t the same requirement. I heard of hurling being rejected in a newly formed GAA club on the northside and as a result a senior Dublin hurler walked away joined another local club and was very successful with them. I think there’s gobsheens in every club, unfortunately some aren’t big enough to move them on…