Online Coaching for kids

Does anyone know of any good online coaching videos for kids (girls if possible). Primarily for ages 12 to 15? Or anyone aware of any innovative stuff clubs are doing?

What I would like to focus on is stuff that shows kids exactly how to do the skills. Or to show their parents how they should be doing it. There is loads of stuff showing drills etc, but in my experience drills without proper demonstrating and correcting only gets kids to re-enforce their mistakes. This is even more true when kids will be practising alone during Covid.

There is good stuff from Mick Bohan around showing proper body form when kicking etc, but nothing really for younger kids.

Is there anyone out there doing anything on a commercial basis even that we could buy in and adopt?

Any thoughts, suggestions or comments most welcome…

Are you aware of the @DublinGAACoach twitter account? You might find some good stuff there. Also have a look at @colmnally.


Cheers Dub09, I knew the Colm Nally one, but not the Dublin coaching one. It’s excellent.

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If you are looking for technique of the skills the LGFA Youtube channel has many. I sent them out to my Ladies team to demonstrate the skill corrctly

Here are some of them and there is possibly more there