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This is a real reading from the gospel according to Sam the Eagle. This lad Enda is believing far too much out of the Irish Times article last week yet offers nothing concrete to back it up.

I’m not convinced jack’s loss will be hugely felt . I think it’s one we can absorb . Rory is another story but it will be interesting to see if teams can exploit that .
In enda’s opinion Dublin are not as strong as they were . It would be interesting to hear who he thinks has improved .
Not Donegal
Not Kerry
Not Mayo

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" Enda is a 20-year-old journalism student in DCU. He’s an avid GAA and soccer fan."

End of discussion as far as he is concerned …


Of course Dublin can be stopped, givent he record of teams not defending Sam, it’s likely we will come unstuck but to say we definitely will be stopped is just typical of someone trying to make a name for themselves.

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In fairness, he’s only 20. Then again so was Jack Flash in 2013…
He really needs to do a bit of work on the coherence of his articles. “This pattern has been what people outside of the capital have become used to watching”. Hmm, so ‘people inside the capital’ haven’t been ‘used to watching’ it then?
“Best drilled and best conditioned”, ah come on, stop lapping up lazy begrudgery agenda.
All he can say about ROC is “another starting player”, does he not know what Rory has achieved since 2010?

Enda, you said The Great Guru has “once again spotted a weakness”. But you don’t say what! Is it a secret between yis Enda? Come on, I can’t stand the suspenders!

[quote]Colm Parkinson ‏@Woolberto 1h1 hour ago

Colm Parkinson Retweeted Niall McGarry

Really looking forward to joining the @SportsJOEdotie team

Niall McGarry @MrNiallMcGarry
Delighted to announce @Woolberto as the new GAA editor of @SportsJOEdotie, leaving Newstalk’s #OffTheBall after a successful 3 year stint.[/quote]

GUTTED !!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

(No, not really.)

Has the guy got any journalism qualification … not that that means f… all anyway … :smirk:

I much prefer the fact that I posted it in The All Positive thread as we don’t have listen to him talking shite any more.

He was in the pub that we drank in before the game on Saturday. He got very little abuse which probably disappointed him

Yep. Masters in Journalism from DCU, I think.

Jeeeeze … just jeeeeeeze. I am going to go back as on overly ripe student or mature or whatever they call it and student arachnids or some such like … It will be on a par with that individual’s contribution for his field …

Christ on a bike but 3rd level education for all is maybe not a great idea the more I see of it. Going saving hay at 14 should still be a possibility for some …

I wonder who will replace him on Off the Ball?

B[quote=“dubinhell, post:11, topic:250, full:true”]I wonder who will replace him on Off the Ball?[/quote]

Bosco …

Interesting to note that SportsJoe plan to launch a GAA podcast in early July, their aim being to “produce the best GAA podcast in the country”.

While not being an exodus on the scale of the Second Captains crew, it’s another Newstalk loss to podcast-land.

They used to have a GAA podcast called “Game of Throw-Ins” a couple of years back which was decent listening for the most part.

Did he actually complete a college course? Seemed to be a student for years

That passed me by entirely. Good that they’re giving it another go.

My sister’s brother in law was involved in it & despite what people feel about Parkinson, he has been proven right on occasion & once we take iyr defensive Dubs armour off, he isn’t the worst.

Nothing to do with defensive Dubs armour at all Dcr - I don’t rate him at all … and I am being kind here.

ah here, I’ve been right on occasion as well. its not a high bar of anything.

he’s been wrong and ignorant on plenty more occasions.

Gilroy and Molloy do my head in more to be honest but they’re just to be pitied in all honesty!