Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42) v2

The last one of these reached the maximum 10,000 replies - so starting up another one.

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They’re all arseholes. OK Tayto, close this one too!

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Do I get a prize for being the 10,000th poster? Two tickets for the AC?

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Cormac Costello

That last post on the previous Online Media thread about the necrophilia in Irish sport was just a bit much I thought.

Luckily I managed to save this other quoted reply before it all got zapped off into the webosphere:

Oh the irony of such comments in the midst of an endless waffling ‘discussion’ about WhoGivesAFook Joe bleedin Brolly. At least the bloody game actually is the whole point of the whole forum.

Aul Buff Egan starting to show his true colours now. The anti-Dub is starting to come out.

The twat

Sure the clown is actually from Kerry. And he goes on about Clare all the time. Fuc#ing knob.

How any Dub could think that a gobdaw who goes by the name Buff would be anything other that the usual anti-Dub rustic is beyond me …


Im with Callan, Brolly loved himself but is great entertainment and has a lot more honesty then Gummy and other bias muppets on the show

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Don’t normally listen to wooly but listened to the first half of his most recent one (all Ireland final replay preview) this morning. He has Chris Barrett of Mayo on. Barrett is extremely good and gives an insight into preparing for an all ireland final replay and comes across as extremely knowledgeable, interesting and balanced.

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This is the same programme that used to feature that focking gobdaw David Brady. Merciful hour.

Who is Buff Egan when hes at home?

Is he all that honest? Many of his Indo articles factually incorrect. Posting up some gag as evidence that he is fit to analyze matches hardly ringing endorsement of his credentials. I’m always loathe to trust opinions of guys who offer the view they know it all when they’ve never actually managed in modern era (or any era). Plus he often crosses the line in criticism of IC players.


Mike Quirke getting the Laois job

Good Lord. Laois bringing some serious sexy back with all these recent managerial appointments.

Hes a hurling man from Kerry on social media and his selling point is his gra for the game at levels in all counties. He does coverage of a lot of games not on TV. However hes just like a lot of others online from outside the capital who is anti Dublin and just did a better job of hiding it initially.

Rumours that Davy Fitz has held talks with Galway. They must be fucking mental even if he’s possibly only using them for increase in “expenses” from Wexford

That won’t happen; they’d sooner torch their hurleys.

Not a rumour anymore. Kieran Cunningham has nailed his colours to the mast & said it’s a done deal. Said Davy only ever agreed to a 3 year stint in Wexico & now that it’s up, the 3 1/2 hour drives each way have taken their toll & he doesn’t want to stay on any longer. Wants something nearer home.