Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42) v2

Do ya think … :grin:

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Or Slimetime.

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Hi Ewan

Still buzzin’ over this great occasion.

Nah, I meant this great ocassion. Up the Dubs!!



Same and havnt gone near it in the aftermath really.

Exactly. The idea that losing the likes of Ray Darcy or Turbidy to the BBC would somehow harm the intellectual discourse of the nation is utterly laughable. Pay them a decent wage in line with what other public servants earn & if it’s not good enough for them, they can fcuk right off. We’re a nation of intelligent, creative, talkative people. They can be replaced very, very easy. I can count on one hand, the RTE lifers that would be a genuine loss.


Unless you lost all your fingers in some kind of accident I think you’re giving them too much credit.


That’s going into the QOTW thread!!!

Well, there was a hallowed time for RTE lifers who would claim that they were on megabucks in RTE because thats what they were being offered to leave here and go to the BBC/ITV.

The fact that none of them ever left is marked. Dont forget during this time RTE replaced the host of the Saturday night show (some genial if vapid chap who was always on UK TV as well) with Brendan O’Connor on a massive salary - twice what the then current chap was getting - even though it was literally a part time gig for him as he was the editor (still is I think) of the Sunday Independent Magazine. No wonder the magazine issued an edition showing him and his celebrity mates partying saying the recession was over when thousands were having their homes repossessed.

It goes on, anyone with in interest in irish radio will see the dumbing down that is going on there, how RTE just find work for the likes of Lottie Ryan despite having no experience and qualifications at all, how being an “influencer” gets you the current 2FM breakfast show gig despite having no broadcast experience at all, on and on. How Marion Finnucane gets more than the tasoiseach for four hours work a week, claims she is working all week by reading the newspapers but never seems to have a clue about anything of a sunday morning, same with Joe Duffy who literally answers the phone for a job.



What do you reckon @Rufus_T_Firefly ?

Reminds me of the Peter Kay Bullseye gag - one of the contestants had LOVE and HAT tattooed across their knuckles. Lost a pinky finger in an accident.

as a matter of maths, cold hard statistics and facts i reckon that 1.5 of 19 is 7.89%

in other words if i was to get that in an exam i’d be 93% wrong.

thats a whole lot of wrong.

Luckily RTE have editorial standards, unlike twitter where you can say whatever you like (dont forget the graphs!!) without scrutinty.

I’ve had my run ins with Jarlath as Secretaries of our respective Clubs. I will say that he was always marked out as someone with loftier ambitions than that of a Club Secretary, with an eye on the ultimate position in our organisation.

He is a real politician and in my opinion will have many of the characteristics needed for such office.


Yea, has a great chance I think.

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Daragh Moloney?

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here is a graphic you wont see teebag times conjuring up

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May be a little too conservative.

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I think you are being a tad generous there

1.5 min of 19 mins. 7%

I’m not sure what that is in terms of registered viewers, though.

He is an excellent head teacher. He has a massive school and knows every child by name and has special time for any of them with problems. Any school has a shed load of stake-holders, teachers, governors, parents, kids - and it is impossible to keep them all happy all the time, but he does as well as anyone could.

Well I for one hope St. Jarlath doesn’t get it. When the GAA set up it’s own players group, to try to quash the G.P.A, he was its willing chairman. It didn’t last long, but that shows how much of a lick-arse he is. We need more Brollies and less Burns, in my humble opinion.

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