Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42) v2

Fucking hell

All going to end in tears if true

Hopefully :wink:

Very surprised at that. Galway not known to go outside of the parish…

Davy’s in the next parish. Claregalway … nice ring to it. Have to be favs for Liam now. He’ll bring the X factor.

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I was told that about 2 weeks ago and I didn’t believe it. Leinster game Wex V Gal in LSHC next year could be feisty!

Sure he knows nothing about football :joy::joy:

Nobody is biting!!

Jacko on the last word re Rory O C , the game has changed since even Rory last played in 2015. 5 mins later , the game has nt changed since I played .

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His team should have won 10 in a row he said ,lost only 2 games in 10 years both to last min goals .Insufferable.

He also loves the auld wrestling too. Remind you of Waterboy and his love for Captain Insano🤣
Used to admire his efforts but the mask dropped. Anti-Dub and Anti-Establishment. Muppet.

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It would have been 9 not 10. One of the dubs should have pointed that out to annoy him.

There were Dubs on the last word? The nodding donkey? Who else?

Kevin Nolan. It was a roadshow from coppers rec on wed .

Cooper spends all year engaging in anti-dublin bias yet gets roadshows in coopers. He must be having a great laugh.

Edit - same with the boilers.

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He loves wrestling? That’s case closed so

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I know a woman on Facebook who bacame a literal rabid Wexford supporter (never seen her supporting ten years) this year. Be interesting to see what happened there now with her. Not to.mention the usual wreckage Dave leaves behind.

His team might well have lost one more if he had been blown for picking the ball up in the small square in the 85 final with Dublin only a point behind.

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I bumped into him in croker at the cork QF in 2013 , reminded him about that 85 final ,he said h
" I never picked up a ball in the small square in my life ".!!

Apologies if posted elsewhere…

Ready it when posted on another thread. But apology accepted.