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Not what the headline is about but from reading from the article below a little further it sounds like Paul Mannion will be back for Kilmacud Crokes before the start of the Dublin club championship. It would also mean players can play for the clubs in the championship despite transferring abroad in the summer if they want to.

Id like for someone to confirm that , I personally don’t know if 90 day rule is in play or not

It’s changed now, it’s 30 days after the sanction/transfer has been approved that they can play with their club in Ireland

  • A player who has received a Sanction will not be able to play again with his Club in Ireland for 30 days after the date of approval of his Sanction in Croke Park’

GAA Overseas Sanctions.

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Cheers CB thanks for that

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He’s back to start a new job in August so I’d assume he’ll be playing championship football for Crokes

Davy Fitz aul fella stepping down

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Not so sure on Permatan being too old school, he was involved in the Westmeath under age set up and they haven’t been too bad.

That was the impression I’d got as well. Colm is no fool. Surprised Flynn going for it, didnt he have run in with county board when Minor manager recently, something to do with release of players. Meath, the gift that keeps on giving.

Thats the full Mannion clip (might be posted elsewhere). Interesting stuff. Surprised he’s being so open with that Molloy chap, but then again Jack and Philly done similar. Hes gone.


Robbie Brennan added to Permatans ticket

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Brennan would good addition. I wonder could Flynn himself bring too much baggage with Meath CB. Resigning from u20s mid season could go against him?

Bernard needs to stay out of the way really

Aroo on the panel j?

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It won’t make any difference who he has with him, Flynn’s U20 step was a disaster.
The Meath CB would be mad to give him the seniors but I hope they do😀

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Anyone head into The Football Pod live in Crokes this week?

Imagine that

Very sad case, chap left in a bad way and club unable to do anything for him.

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