Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42) v2

i heard that and thought there was somethin wrong with the sound mix


I listen to the Pod. He’s so bad at talking over it takes away from the good stuff.

He was on GAA Go for the Laois game, they got Jack in for interview as he was leaving the pitch, and Andrews actually spoke more than Jack, barely let him get a word in, it was cringe


Must be getting paid by word he gets in.


Well now…

Dads army …

Yup. Think it will be a wee bit dull, especially if Pit has no one to fight with. He doesn’t give a ballcock about hurling & Mulcahy couldn’t care less about football. And Lyster is far too laid back to get into it with either of them.


Ah Jaysus that’s put me off me bedtime cocoa

Some ideas should stay on a barstool

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I’d only ever listen to it if they had Brolly on as a guest. Brolly’s podcast could be a birra craic too, if they had Spillane on. Although Brolly would have to stop talking about himself for 5 minutes & he’s just not capable.

Here we go again.
** Health-Warning, likely to raise blood pressure **

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I think it’s great idea. Maybe get Pat Spillane to head it up. Glen Ryan to assist?


Independent Review jesus fucking wept


Fook it, play the games in Parnell . No tickets for away fans. Happy days


Penny finally dropping in Mordor

** slow handclap ***

Bernard salty he didn’t get the gig himself. Strong words. And he’s mostly right to be fair


He is indeed. It is a shambles.

Meathman going on about the Royal Family again, sure what’s new?

This is a super interview with Philly

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just finished that, very good and well worth a listen

Good listen I must say. Future Dublin manager I’d say.