Other clubs training on your pitch without permission?

So one of the lads form the club was jogging around Kilbogget Park at 11am on Sunday and was fairly shocked to see a full hurling team of what looked like u15 or u16 or Minor (young lads basically) training on our pitch.

I won’t name the club suspected to be involved (as it’s not pertinent to the question I’m asking below about the best way to resolve it), but I’m fairly stupified at the concept of a team deliberately training on another team’s ground at all, never mind without seeking permission.

The only logical reasons I can think is that either they were told not to use their own pitches to preserve them or because they were full. Either way neither is acceptable. Leaving aside the insurance issues with a team training on a pitch they have no agreed use for, it just feels like the height of either ignorance or bully boy tactics.

Have any of you ever heard of the likes of this before? What do you think we should do about addressing it as it’s clearly not on?

It’s disrespectful at best, and not something the councils take lightly.
Reckless too by the team involved as those lads may not be covered by insurance

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I guessing club involved is a super club and have plenty of their own pitches? I posted on here a few weeks ago Robert Emmets had a nearby club using their pitch without their permission. The pitch is a public park so not sure regarding insurance .

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Thanks lads - I won’t get into the club involved as there’s no point airing it as I’d say this is a coach / mentor issue rather than a club one - just wondering what the best way people think to deal with it is - through a heads up to the club secretary and ask them to communicate to all teams, through the council, or both?

One of our lads said we should turn up at their main ground and train tonight :smiley: That won’t be happening obviously!

Go though the Secretary first, that should work. If it doesn’t the option put forward by your lads should get their attention.

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Go and train on their pitch

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Yeah I would start with your secretary contacting their secretary first. As you say probably just one clown of a mentor and club may not even know. If it happens again after that I’d report it to the council.

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Forgive my ignorance but what club are you attached with

We had a similar problem few years back, but they were Wendy Ball players, one of them had taken his fathers key (Club mentor) to our all weather and they were training on it after our clubs last session, didn’t take long to sort it as the Gards were called due to our restrictions of 10.00PM lights out.



Do you know did Emmets go through the secretary and get an apology / explanation? I assume in that case it was a maverick manager without club endorsement but would be interesting to note it. I just saw the post you put up in the covid thread thanks.

My own Club had this issue during the lockdown, full team of adults training away on our pitch in the park, not one of them wearing Club Gear but a few very well known players made it obvious as to who they were, we never did get a response from the Clubs secretary

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If that’s (at least) 3 teams in a very short space of time, it sounds like this is an issue which needs raising at county board level. I’ll see how I get on myself but it doesn’t augur well both in terms of managers or players to be honest.

Make no mistake the players themselves would know a pitch isn’t theirs, particularly when there is a giant clubhouse with club signage on it right beside it. The manager / coach has the job to lead them but if I was a player and I was told to turn up and train on someone elses pitch I would have told the manager / coach no way. And if I was a parent of a younger player I’d be asking the club why are my kids being asked to train on another team’s pitch.

Maybe thats why I fell out with a few managers / coaches over the years :smiley:

Always helps to take pictures of the offenders too. Follow up with an email to the CCC and the club secretary of the guilty parties. Doubt that they would be back


I’d get club secretary to send a letter directly to Co Board naming the Club, date it occurred and evidence of it.
If you go directly to their Club Secretary, you’ll get the “Sorry won’t happen again” response, which isn’t good enough IMO.


Didn’t hear anything if action was taken. It happened before teams were allowed to train too. The club in question have a couple pitches in a public park.

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Thanks folks - I’ve raised up so finger crossed it’s sorted and won’t happen again!

Isn’t Cabinteely girls only?

Loads of magpies around

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No, we’ve been there there since 1977. The cabinteely girls joined up with the Foxrock girls to form foxrock cabinteely girls in 2004 or so. But the men never went anywhere and have fielded every season (curently div 10), and the boys juvenile under 8 hurling and football teams were back this year in go games before covid intervened, with the joint academy for boys and girls run with foxcab for 4 to 7 year olds for the last 2 years leading up to it.

It seems to me it might suit members of a couple of clubs in the area to give out the completely false message cabinteely are girls only. The only rationale I can think for it is it might put off parents with boys and girls living more or less on our doorstep coming down to us, or male players who might want to join a local junior side. It really is bizarre, particularly when you consider every club in the area has played in our league against us regularly in junior football for the last 10 years.

Who are you with yourself?

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