Other County Championships 2020

Glen v Barr’s on RTE 2 at half 7 there.

A great chance to see 30 lads hurl in a stadium with over 46,000 empty spots.

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Didn’t think there was anything there to warrant a red IMO

Neither did I. A harsh yellow imo.

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Kennfick didn’t lick his hurling up off the ground anyway. Grandson of Ring

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Was I the only one hoping the name of the dad of the lad who was sent off is also Robert


Ballintubber drew 1-04 to 0-07 with the mighty Aghamore thanks to a late goal for the As. Must have been riveting. Guess who was sent off?

Pa Horgan is some man.

Some man is right. Getting better with age too. Hard to believe people were saying he’d lost it a few years ago. Not many players more skillful than he is.

A scoring machine.

Are you shading Alan Freeman and Brendan Harrison? :thinking:

Remember when I first moved to cork chatting to a guy from a north cork city club and he was telling me about this kid at the neighboring club that was unmarkable.

Local club was streamed live, the commentary was hilarious at the end, he was going on about having eaten too much onions and lettuce the night before had he had some of these new things eggs Benedict that he’s never had before, two half cooked eggs on some rashers he helpfully explain for the non yuppie listeners. Also Very hard on the stomach after a feed of onions and lettuce the night before:

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The new rules deem contact at training to be casual contact so games and training can still continue.

HSE will tell him if he is deemed a close contact or a contact and whether he has to isolate or just restrict movement till he is tested. Turnaround for which is currently 24 hours till test and result.

Yeah between him and his brother but him in contact at training or matches with his teammates is casual. Came out in the updates regulations by the GAA. Unless of course he’s travelled in a car with a fella for 15 minutes to training.

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Good idea to throw it up on social media so that every idiot in Ireland could contribute instead of quite easily checking that correct procedures are being followed.


Yes and it’s not the GAA making these guidelines it’s the HSE.


This is just a lad trying to blame the GAA