Other County Championships 2020

Corofin show no signs of slowing up, good few new young fellas on the team and still win 7.17 to11. Lovely style of play.

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Relentless too. Cracking finish by Darragh Silke for the 5th? 6th? goal.

Quelle surprise…

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See the local TD (5th from left) is still playing. Is there any other TD in the country still playing senior championship with his club?

Would Jack Lynch be the last TD to have played senior inter county in either code whilst a TD or have their been others since

Yeh looks a class act. Must be a brother of Liam Silke, dont remember him on it before

His luck has run out, he used to get away with the dirt

Meath club championship on tg4 now, terrible standard alltogether


It’s bad🙁

John Wilson played for Cavan and won two Irelands. But I think he was elected after he finished playing.

Yep. Wilson wasn’t elected until he was 50

Liam Lawlor?
Did he hurl for Dublin?

Elected after he finished playing

Fodgy ducker.

From the enquires I’ve made I think that Jack Lynch, Sean Flanagan, Des Foley and Jimmy Deenihan we’re elected while still playing inter county.

Deenihan wasn’t. He retired in 1982 and only became a TD in 1987 though he had been a Senator.

Imagine a game between dubs vs corafin ??

Horgan is some man for the consistency but nothing on the consistency of Captain Elbows.

A different type of consistent mind.

Keeper having a mare