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I don’t think he’s actually having a dig at all …

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Careful, his tinfoil hat might fall off! :smile:

Is he really having a dig though? Is he not just making a comparison? Don’t really see any malicious intent to it.

Exactly s_w … some of our lads have been very sensitive this week … :wink:

Perhaps not but what he is absolutely doing is trying to turn what was a poxy crowd for a county final, for a so called ‘football mad county’ into something it’s not.

Just another pathetic attempt to try highlight how great the losers from the west are

You really need to get that Mayo chip removed BD - it’ll push your head clean off your shoulders if you don’t get it seen to … :flushed:

Bitterness and hate is good for the soul Dub09

It’s not BD … look at Rochey …

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I never actually said he was having a dig TBH, just wondering why he is trying to justify what to its users looks like a paltry crowd for a county final by comparing it to Dublin…

He still hasn’t actually clarified what the point was that he was trying to make…

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Of course he is having a dig. If he isn’t, then why bother mentioning us at all? Why not mention another Connacht county, or Kerry or Cork? Why us in particular?

File this away in the “Dubs aren’t true Gaels/they’re all bandwagoners/sunshine supporters, but we Mayo die hard, purists represent what the GAA is all about” folder.

It’s quare bulging these days…but then so is the memory card on my phone, with pix & vids of me & Sam. So fcuk 'em !


Even if he is having a dig, so what? Sport is one of the few areas in life where you’re allowed have an alternative view without bringing the wrath of the commentariat down on your head. We shouldn’t get all offended, just hit him a few digs back - there’s plenty of material in Mayo football!

Not sure what point he was in making in that comparison (perhaps another who mistakes data for information) but it’s a disappointing turnout for their final.

What was the final? Castlebar were winning last I heard.

Won it well Tom by 12 points I think

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Stradbally gone. Beaten by a club from Longford I’ve never heard of. Louth champs won as did Rhode. Simonstown won Meath with St. Lomans winning Westmeath. O’Loughlin Gaels beat Ballyhale in KK final.

Keith Higgins scored an impressive 1-9 in a man of the match performance as Ballyhaunis beat Tooreen 2-13 to 1-13 in the Mayo SHC replay.

Nearly 58 and a Jack Russell at the Mayo SHC … that’s a tiny % of the population and in case of offending any county I want to point out that if the same % was at the Vatican SHC the attendance would’ve been 3 laymen and a bishop …

Heard Gorta was outstanding for O Loughlins.

1-7 (4f, 1 ‘65) for Ballyhaunis’ Keith Higgins in yesterday’s Connacht Intermediate Final which they drew with Ahascragh.