Other European Leagues

European leagues outside top 5 and Scotland which already has a thread discussed here.

I fancied Etzella Ettelbruck to go well in Luxembourg but was disappointed with their 1-1 opening draw to Racing where they were a tad too defensive for my liking. I am hoping that Sucio and Musliu can pick up their scoring rate and kick on from here. Looking forward to going over to see them in September if I can get a ticket.

As does League of Ireland.

Id like to see PAO Panathanaikos win in Greece again, they have an Irish-connected history. And anti-fascist.

I see Fortuna Ettelbruck, Etzella’s great city rivals have made a bid for striker Mario Blem. They’re offering Paulo Ging in part exchange. Their goalkeeper Woujous has retired, should be an interesting season.

Sad to see Clube Desportivo de Nacala struggle as they have done this year in the Mozambique league. Goalkeeper Victor Timana has had a very bad season by the veterans standards, At 36 he may be let go at the seasons end.


Excellent post @Sam_11. They are also my fav team in Mozambique and I share your sadness.

However I would just like to point out that this thread is for other ‘European’ leagues and Mozambique is in Africa. I know that you also closely follow the Leagues in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. Perhaps the creation of an African League thread might be in order? I’m actually amazed we don’t already have one.


Sincere apologies @DUB09 I hope I have not spoilt this thread. Mods please delete as appropriate.

Thats a fantastic idea re the African football thread. As you all know I am a keen observer of Police FC in the Rwandan league also. We could share highlights and keep up to date on all the latest goings on. The site should definitely have one and I hold my hands up on that one, I should have started it before now.

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Dub09 is secretly a member of the Luxembourg Football Federation.

Secretly? Not at all.

Is that where they make the fancy soap?

Lux and their secrecy laws… a haven for miscreants and money launderers!!

Luxembourg is on the borders of four countries: France, Belgium, und Deutschland. It is also on the borders of Luxembourg.
It is home to many international banks. They speak in several tongues.
The citizens take turns at being one of the different nationalities or ethnicities every three months; currently they are German. In October they will be Argentinian.
It is situated in a rift valley, close to a quite spectacular gorge. It is close to the city of Trièr on the river Mosel in Germany, which is home to the most complete Roman Empire artefacts North of the Alps. And also the European wine lake. Riesling can be a very good table or dessert wine. Cheese goes well with wine.
Luxembourg used to have its own airline which ran flights directly from as far away as Belgium. And also from Ireland, thus hence it was the smallest country in the world with a trans-Atlantic service.
It no longer has its own airline but Ryanair has put in a bid to buy the country with a view to using it as a car-parking hub for all of its central European operations.
In its quarterly financial statement at the beginning of July Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary speculated that Luxembourg could hold up to 65 million motor vehicles if properly organised and levelled out.
If you wish to read more of this article please talk to a sub-scribe.

What is the capital of Luxembourg?

Capital L?

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A big shout out to Progres Niederkorn who are the first ever team from Luxembourg to win 2 Europa League ties. They take on FC Ufa from Russia today in the 3rd qualifying round in about an hour. The city of Niederkorn only holds just over 3,000 people.

Are Ufa real?

Yep. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/9c/FC_Ufa_logo.png

Ufa is a big part of UEFA always has been

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If they are to Progres they’ll need their corn.