Other shit that has no home Thread (Part 1)


This is awesome:

Nice one.
How come Dr. Spock in Star Trek has three ears?

As Mary Black sang,
“Heaven knows…”

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Dr Spock does not appear in Star Trek. You mean Mr Spock?

He did. Dr Spock ran the creche.

Your avatar resembles something/someone . . . Just Sayin’

I don’t understand.

Sad to hear.

Went to their show once, classic stuff

bit mad …

A shame but really probably done well to last that long.

Now you can’t even tell the truth . . . FFS !!!

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Boy Russia is really a dangerous place

Ah sure helicopters can crash anywhere.

When I saw the name of this thread I thought it was about shamrock rovers :disappointed_relieved:




Didn’t even know we had an official Jersey shop sponsor. :woman_shrugging:

Sorry. I meant “Retail Partner.” :roll_eyes:

Have Elverys dumped Mayo for us?

Always the bridesmaid eh @mayoman ?