Other shit that has no home Thread (Part 1)

Full kit for that

Okey Dokey…


Holy shit , anyone see the dust up last night Le Bron James and Isaiah Stewart , you tube it , mental

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I posted it on an NBA thread but it has disappeared. @Tayto is at it again.



I have clearly muted it or whatever I normally do with all those pesky American sports. You clearly didn’t fcuk up this time. As you were.

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Wow let’s let our a rapist and child killer…what could go wrong there? Shameful he was even sent to an open prison….should have been executed back in the 80s.

Dreaming Spires, Jesus wept!! Phibsboro is now the Oxford of Ireland…

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And it gets worse!

If I’m correct this gaff has a bathroom And a family bathroom?!

yup and only for 670 thou… a nice starter home… a fixer upper… a handy non-gender specifics dream.

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One of the haves can have it and buck the have nots

“Relaxed dignity” are always words that come to mind when one thinks of Fizzbra.

Not !

It’s such a crock of shit. Same over here btw

Phibsboro was always an odd place. Not in a bad way. Never seemed to know what it was. Suburb? Inner city? Shopping area? Village?

Mind you it houses more National institutions than most other parishes - Mountjoy, the Mater, Dalymount and Bohemians FC, the Royal Canal and McGowans.

It was also home to many country folk over the years, was a gateway to the Phoenix Park, the zoo, Doyle’s Corner and Des Kelly.

And now they’re trying to Hipsterise it. Nothing is sacred. Nothing.


You ommited The Hut and Little Ireland.
(Did The Hut prove a gateway to hipsters?)

I couldn’t pick one pub over another - the Cross Guns was a good shop, the Boh Mooney (now run by the wonderful McGeough bros), Doyles, Fizzbra House (young Jim Clarke’s) or the Red Windmill. Not to mention the Offies!

There’ll be blue and yellah flags flying down that way one of these days :thinking:

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