Other shit that has no home Thread (Part 2)

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I hate the system.

Good on ye you free thinking anarchist

We have gone too far, in our efforts to accommodate various views, imho, and are at risk of doing serious damage to children.

Ah now. Some random family on a random tv show is hardly an indication that “we” have gone too far.

Inclusivity and acceptance is very important but I think you’ll be hard pressed to find many more examples of transgender 2 year old children out there.

That’s pure child abuse.

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You don’t have to agree with me but that is my view.

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It’s absolute nonsense. Regressive stereotyping of children. Just let them play with whatever they want and wear whatever they like without putting labels on them . They are exploring how they fit into the world. Adults need to let them do it without imposing ideologies on babies. It makes my blood boil .


When my young fella was two, he was convinced he was a steam engine.


I hope you didn’t stoke it.

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Somebody must’ve piston him

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i’m glad you choo choose not to support it

So you post it on an online forum, unwilling to discuss it with anyone who disagrees?

Interesting :sweat_smile:

Where the fock did I say I was unwilling to discuss it?

Is his name Ivor?


Or Thomas?

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That will get stolen.

It gets better! The insanity knows no bounds. You must suspend your disbelief.