Other shit that has no home Thread (Part 2)

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Jokes aside. The single best performance in Star Trek history. He was very close to being nominated for an Oscar according to the gossip at the time. Which, for a sci if would have been some achievement. Superb performance.

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Now there’s a back handed compliment if ever I heard one, a bit like being called the biggest spender in Cavan


Like the lad we have in the hurling juvenile set up , from Central America. His Dad lamenting a missed point effort one evening, i said don’t worry he s still the best hurler Honduras has ever produced.


Yeh but brutal hair

Excellent performance - thought Picard performance in First Contact was quite good meself. Though I’ll add my favourite is suzi plakson / selar. It’s the vulcan coldness and superior attitude. :heart_eyes:


The wig deserved a nom for Best Supporting Actor all on its own.

7 of 9

No. She’s just up for Best Support. :laughing:

She has her knockers though :sleepy:

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My Cosmic Girl.

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Wasting your time lads. Doesn’t she bat for the other side now? And no, I don’t mean she’s a Romulan. Or a Prod.

Not a problem, I’ll just turn les myself, seemingly anything’s possible these days


Yep. Resistance is futile. We will be assimilated.

a prod? a jaysus no!

She’s up for anything I’d say.


Lawless kip


Has to be the shittiest job going . Deliveroo don’t give a crap about these lads. There are plenty of jobs these lads could be doing where they won’t be attacked by toerags .


Real mindless stuff tbh.

One think that puzzled me is that given that permits are only issued for critical skills and certain ‘skills’ shortages, how is a guy from Bolivia riding a delivery bike here? Is delivering food now a critical skill?