Other shit that has no home Thread (Part 2)

Question: were they allowed take the clothes you’d already paid for with them?

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Half of my posts are at least as long! :crazy_face:

Question, I have seen this swimming coats being used in Ireland for the year round swimmers, what are these actually called?


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Absolutley DEVVO this didn’t actually happen…:frowning:

Thats like me missus in the bath…


Big dick goes to court to prove he’s a huge dick.

Gives self obsession a new height to reach


Did he do it his way?

Each and every highway

only when he was 17

They should have called him the Panda. Eats shoots and leaves.

Would that be Panda Express?

He learned the truth

Buskers on grafton street should be prosecuted for crimes against music …

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No exceptions?

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None. Ed Sheeran has a lot to answer for

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The buskers are fine, but baseball bats should be taken to their amplifiers. Especially for little shits who think they are Jimi Hendrix !

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