Other shit that has no home Thread (Part 2)

Dunno probably procedural stuff and whatnot.

Would certainly hope so.

Victim impact statements? Clinical and psychiatric assessments of the convicted individual?

Character witness from local politician, priest, Gaa club chairman……


Not forgetting the ever popular (and consistently successful) “the defendant expressed remorse for his actions and said how sorry he was…”


It’s all opinions intit? But somethings are almost immutable. Cheers was top class comedy writing, acting, characterisation etc. It gave rise to several stand-out actors who went on to great careers.
Friends, well, wasn’t, and didnt.
But as the Dude almost said, that’s just…like …my opinion maaaan.

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Gianni having a normal one again…

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And “no facilities” when growing up

Why is the deputy commissioner of the Gardai American?


Same thing, but why?

Adrian Dunbar voice “Bent coppers”.


Laughed out loud at that one

Wasn’t there a time when you had to be over 6 foot, male and fit to even be in the police. Just saying, before I get slaughtered

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Outside voices/thinking I’m guessing after some of the shite that went on under Callinan and O’Sullivan. (And probably before)

NYPD Copper was supposedly interviewed for the commisoners job last time around

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Right, so bring in a copper from probably the place with the most bent coppers in the world, makes sense

@Mayoman ??

“You heet, the Canadian.”


Oh do fück off…

Jamie Lee Curtis says Oscar will be ‘they/them’

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