Other shit that has no home Thread (Part 2)

The collusion with Hutch etc may not have been found out if outsiders were not brought in. I would say that Harris set up his own Untouchables. It worked. Fair play to him.


John Wayne will come back and haunt her to death

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Canadians and Americans same thing? Ignorant comment. You’d probably get offended if we were referred to as the same as British…

I’d have the streets cleaned up in one hour :wink:

Remember working in Greece and was asked/sort of put in that situation , you Irish -English no difference , I politely asked the co worker would he have an issue if I referred to him as the Turk , issue solved

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I’d say it was a joke, you Sligo lads need to lighten up.


I fuckign choked laughing at that ya bollox!

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It was a fookin joke man, relax, it’s nearly Paddies day

Happens all the time over here, mainly when they ask what language you speak, which is a shame really, but I always reply with, I’m Irish, but I speak English…

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Jaysus poor Gareth have no luck at all recently. Hurt his fingers pretty badly in a freak fall a few months ago


Very open about his mental health issues for many years, too. Ahead of his time.

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There was Metgod in his madness.


Hit a rocket of s free kick in his day

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I think Drew from the RUC has that sown up already

the world has lost the plot.

handy for a nosebleed, ffs

Or a Top Gear style trip to the Artic Circle. Or Bolivia. I forget which.