Other shit that has no home Thread


His other one today was something along the likes of. “My wife said I was a lazy sod and I’d better have something planned for tonight, and I said that I had and was going to take the Christmas decorations down”


There was great drying out there today too.

Dunno boss, all a bit strange, the chinese market is huge of course, but the likes of LG sell world wide doubt if chinese buyers not turning up would put them off.

Of Corrs it could. Trade wars are huge now. Also Chinese airlines are now cancelling at least some global transit flights that stopover anywhere in China in the next month… And that includes flights going through places less affected.
Interestingly, about two months ago some Chinese Airlines starting selling fares that global transit through China at incredibly low prices. Way below anything I’ve seen before for long haul.
My sister Andrea says it can’t be a coincidence.

Great news for the Akkapellis!


I’d be needing a change of jocks after a landing like this :grimacing:


Skillage in the village!!! Kudos to the pilot!

You never notice that kind of shit in First Class.

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Some skill on display there.

Though Jim would have done it better.


That’s remarkable flying - to keep it level like that, those planes are massive.

Total respect to anyone who traveled to a game today , I’ve done it most likely I’d skin in the game , fair play total respect lads n lassies


Every passenger wearing brown trousers on that plane!


These deep fakes are incredible but also scary as ■■■■

Holy shit, that is flawless.

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