Our favourite non-Dub ressers

There was once a Pub in Edenmore called Eugene’s. Neil Diamond was a regular… “Forever in Eugene’s”.


Ha remember it well …

It was a dump…
Renamed a few years back as The Edenmore House.
Closed down last year over non-payment of VAT and/or taxes or something like that.
In the old days of the weekday Holy Hour, Eugene’s I think was outside the city limits and The Concorde was inside. I think you would have Concorde daytime regulars going into Eugene’s between 2.30 and 3.30 every afternoon.

Did door a few times many many moons back …

And lived to tell the tale?

We need more members from Meath. And I mean people born there.

Not too many of them. 65% of people living in Meath were born outside of the County according to Census results.

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WIth ■■■■ al maternity hospital I’m surprised anyone is born there

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Din(vincible) left after I cast some aspersions on the Meath ladies’ team. I think he was related to one of them. Ah, more innocent times.

I love all the outsiders, come one, come all. But Rufus will always be the best, because, well, he’s Rufus T Firefly, and nothing more really needs to be said. We really ought to have a Marx Brothers thread here anyway, just for one-liners, clips etc.

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