Our lack of scoring from starting six forwards

After our 5 games so far we have scored 2.65. Rock has 30 from frees.
Scully started all five games scoring 1.3.
Kilkenny started all five games scoring 3 points.
Rock started all five games scoring 3 from play.
O Gara started 3 games scoring o.Carthy started three games scoring one point.
Mc Hugh started three games scoring 1.6.
Mannion has started two games scoring 0.
Whelan and McManamon have both started one game each and have scored a point each.
Basquel has started one game scoring 0.
Our return from the starting six forwards in the five matches so far is 2.18, from play. This I think is a poor return from our starting six forwards.
Against Kerry and Tyrone only one of our starting 6 forwards scored from play.
Against Mayo only two of our starting 6 forwards scored from play.
Against Donegal 4 of the starting 6 forwards scored from play.
Against Cavan 5 of the starting 6 forwards scored from play.

Anyone think we should be getting a better return from our starting 6 forwards per game . Discuss

We have the wrong 6 forwards starting :joy:.Ah its only the league . If Bernard or DC had been starting I’m sure it would have been a different situation . Let’s worry about this come august , they should be in the groove by then . The fact we are top of the league with three draws & two wins amazes me tbh .

The way the modern game is played 2-18 from five games is pretty good. It’s a free taker’s game now by and large.

It’s also still winter and it’s not as easy to play in muck and shite. Plus no Connolly or Brogan, our most gifted forwards. I wouldn’t be too worried.

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Hammerdub makes move to take Stato out …

We’ve a very healthy difference for a team that isn’t scoring many goals and has drawn 3 games.


Dont think I’d be up to Stato’ s expert stats , I was only trying to get a bit of chat going on our scoring rate at the minute. I expect it to increase against Roscommon. . I

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Some good food for thought there Hammer - fair play.

I wonder about the obsession in GAA some times about scores from play, why does it matter how you score? Sure if a team doesn’t foul you, you’re gonna score more from play, if they foul more you’re gonna score less from play. If you score 2-14 in a game (and win), why does it matter if they all came from or all came from frees?


That was deffo the case the other night, The lads on TV were going on about our lack of scoring from play, but in the meantime Rock was racking up a big tally. My fear would be not getting into scoring positions, but if you are in and then get fouled well it makes no real difference except for the fact that it is frustrating watch lads getting hauled down continuously.

Looks better on the highlights program…from a fans perspective of course we want the likes of DC shooting the lights out with 40 yarders or Kev knocking them over from ridiculous angles . It can’t be classic viewing all the time but tbf we’ve been spoilt the last couple of years with games from the ages , and thankfully on the right end of them too .

Interesting breakdown.

Personally, I hanker for the days when we quickly footpassed our way into attack. That string to our bow is all but gone, which in some part is down to blanket defences & in part down to our over-elaboration basketball style.
Why do I feel that what I’m crying out for a return to is something that’ll appear on TG4 All-Ireland Gold any day now? It certainly feels like another era when in reality, it’s only a few years back. Changed times but, hey, still winning ones.

Another thing, I think the idea of looking at your 6 starting ‘forwards’ to be tacking scores is long gone. The wing-forward primary role is certainly not score getting. If your 14 is an O’Gara-type, the role is win it & lay it off. Realistically, it’s 2 ‘go-to’ men plus your place-kicker.

A fit CC & a returning DC would ramp up our scoring average no end I feel.

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And hopefully Con O’Callaghan to get his chance too.


You know, I wouldn’t mind if the hurlers could catch a break & have him involved but, seeing as that’s not likely to happen, agreed, he’d add a real unknown quantity (for those outside the county) to the attack. Would be no harm seeing as we’ve the most analysed team in the country.


At first glance those stats look poor enough but as has already been said there are a few factors feeding into those figures. The lack of an out and out scoring forward a la Bernard B so far this year will make the returns look poorer, on top of that we have faced both Donegal and Tyrone ( and a very defensive Kerry) in our games so far, and while I acknowledge that these teams will have to be beaten later in the year, it’s still a tough place for the likes of McHugh, Carthy and Scully at the start of their careers. On top of that perhaps the biggest problem is that while the likes of Scully and Carthy are very good footballers, they lack the guile and experience that Connolly and a fit Flynn bring to our attack Add to that the incisive pace that is missing in McCarthy and possibly Jack Mc from wing pack and all of a sudden our attack becomes very pedestrian and lateral.
Hopefully as the year progresses these problems will resolve themselves, although like JohnC I wouldn’t mind seeing the use of the quick foot pass into attack a bit more often, especially with the quality of inside forwards we have at our disposal.

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Just to give a little contrass to 2016 for first 5 league games versus the following Kerry, Mayo, Monaghan, Down and Donegal
Total scored 5.62 in 2016 and 2.65 in 2017 for first 5 games
Frees 2016 was 1.20 and 0.30 in 2017 for first 5 games.
3.28 from starting 6 forwards in 2016 compared to 2.18 in 2017 for first 5 games.

I suppose from the above we are getting more from frees and we seem to be getting fouled more and more . Very important to keep a freetaker free from injury.


I could hazard a wild statement here but if Dean was injured or off form we could be looking at 3 losses instead of those 3 draws . Hypothetical of course .


We didnt lack scoring power tonight from our front six all scored from play which is what I like to see.Great scoring performance all round.


The level of opposition needs to be considered for last night to be put in context.

Why? Can we not drink our Kool-Aid today and enjoy being record breakers (God bless you Roy Castle). Can we not optimistically state that nothing’s gonna stop us now (with thanks to Jefferson Starship). Can we not wear our tinted specs and just for today live in a world where everything is blue - just like Rochey’s is every day. Let’s sort out the fixture congestion by handing Sam to Stepho today and giving the whole summer to the clubs! As well as Mother’s Day let today be Dublin Cheerleaders Day, when the optimistic run amok with only some lone ranger voices mumbling inaudible and incoherent warnings in the corner … :wink:


Hey, I’m delighted with the record and very excited about the year ahead. I just don’t think that last night’s turkey shoot is what we should judge our forwards on. I wouldn’t swap our set of forwards for any other set but I would like to see them score higher totals more consistently.