Outside Dublin championships 2021

See Ballygunner won Waterford for the 8 season in a row. They look very good right up until they get knocked out.


Split Ballygunner and lets see how Bally and Gunner get on when on their own.


Serious amount of flaking in this Limerick hurling final, can’t say I’m surprised but the difference in refereeing is massive from Dublin.

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So flaking is allowed? In fairness, there doesn’t have to be more than a hint of contact for player’s supports and managers to be pissing and moaning. It is refereed differently outside Dublin, but its played differently too.
Cake and eat it comes to mind

Ballyhale into the KK final again.

O’Loughlin Gaels lead the KK final currently.

2 goals in 3min for Ballyhale. And another for O’Loughlin all in the space of about 8minutes
Level game

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all level again now, sounds like a cracker

2-19 - 2-14 ballyhale are pulling away

Game over another goal - 11 point swing since half time

Another Ballyhale goal.
3 down to 3 up to level to now 8up

Posted above in minor thread sorry :see_no_evil:

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The usual dreadful, Donegal dross. 1 point scored in 10 minutes. Why is this shite ever televised?


2 points in 20 mins

christ lol

One extreme to the other

howd the KK final end, had to head out

Gaels scored another goal in injury time but Ballyhale comfortable going into injury so didn’t trouble them. Some goal fest in the second half

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Hard to see that Ballyhale team not winning another All Ireland, so much strength in depth. OLG threw everything at them and they just swallowed it all up and spat it out by the end.

Winter Hurling suits them far more than a Ballygunner, St Thomas, Thurles Sars etc and this is a big contributor to their current successes.


Won without tj or fennelly hitting top gear.

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