Outside Dublin Club Championships

Thread for news from other counties


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Garrycastle relegated from Westmeath senior championship.






Full Time Score
Castlebar Mitchels 2-16
Westport 0-21


Dem bois are too good for intermediate club anyways


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I know Kerry’s club system is a bit wonky but you’d have to think; once Fossa had 2 other half decent players down the spine of the team they would absolutely walk an inter champo.


The 2 Cliffords are the only 2 players in their history to play Senior Championship for Kerry. Emmet O Shea is decent he played minor for Kerry. The 3 of them are only players to play with Kerry from minor up in current team


Were any games on rte last night ?

Poor game on TG4 at the moment. Breaffy and Ballina. Aido got a few points in 1st half. His team haven’t scored in the 2nd, 20 mins in. An exhibition of wides on show from both teams. Ref dreadful too, struggling for gas as well. O Hora excellent in sort of a free role

Ballina deserved the won. O’Hora linked the play well. Two big scores from Evan Regan at the end. Aidan & Conor O’Shea were best for Breaffy.

Nobody in Meath seems aware of the new rule. Three teams in Group
A which finished last night ended up with one win and 2 points. Ashbourne got an injury time goal to win by a point having lost their other 2 games. Nobody seems to realise that the new rule puts Na Fianna through in second. :roll_eyes:

It seems there was massive confusion over it


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Number 6 :sweat_smile:

That number 6 will never play for a Jack O’Connor team. He should have fouled him outside the 45m line.

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Ha yeah, Jack would have him foul asap.

Theres another clip going around of Clifford throwing an elbow

But surra come ere, it’s intermediate bleedin football. You have the best player ever to play the game running at an intermediate centre back. What would you expect!

Double fly kick to the knees

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Some move


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Wexford hurling goal a few years back, think it was u21