Over 35's Football

I am not sure if this was posted before, just wondering what the appetitie would be for an over 35’s eague, as you get older you drop down leagues yet still find yourself facing some young fella who is bigger stronger and faster than you, werent the lower divisions meant for auld lads :slight_smile:

While i think there are some merits to this, there are some downsides also.
I get your point regarding togging out at Jnr B and some lad just out of minor is scurrying about the place, but are you robbing from Peter (Jnr B) to pay Paul?
Or would you say it would be more aimed at lads who have recently given up the ghost, but could be lured out of retirement on the premise of not having to run after the energizer bunny.

I also have mixed feelings about 35 year old’s these days compared to yesteryear. You could argue that the advancement in fitness, nutrition and recovery means that lads at 35 are fitter and healthier than in days gone by therefore able to continue their playing days a bit longer…The other side of that coin is that, if they have played at a decent level, they will have been flogged for 15 years and be in bits.

Overall, i think its worth a pilot for a year or two. With a little support and a trophy to aim for, no reason a couple of say 10 team leagues (maybe north and south) couldn’t be run, perhaps with a grand final at the end. (roll on next year :blush:)

I agree with you completely, i get the whole robbing peter to pay paul. An over 35 league with north side and south side teams, the winner of each respective side play against each other to become Dublin Champions, it would bring back a lot of lads who gave up football early, it would also prove to be a useful enjoyment ground for lads of 40+ and with local matches a few pints opf the black stuff after games would add to the enjoyment

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Plunketts have set up an over 40(ish) team this year, and have played games against Fingallians and Beann Eadair in the last few weeks. The lads involved are loving it, and the few pints after

I’d recommend putting the feelers out in your club and arranging your own thing for Friday/Saturday evenings. Leagues in my opinion are too formal, and it doesn’t suit lads to commit to an entire year

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totally agree! great idea in this regard…
Brilliant way of getting the band back together :sunglasses::sunglasses:

I know Barrog have a crew that go down to Kerry every year to play in a tournament of some sort.

totally agree! great idea in this regard…
Brilliant way of getting the band back together :sunglasses::sunglasses:

I know Barrog have a crew that go down to Kerry every year to play in some sort of tournament down there

seems like there would be an appetite for this sort of thing, a non fromal couple of matches for the auld lads would definately be the way to go, have a game every few weeks or every other week, the weekend away for a game is always great craic, just have to be sure that lads dont have 2 gallons the night before the game :smiley:

Barrog and Finians…a dangerous mix :rofl::rofl:…heard its some craic in fairness

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There’s a social hurling league running at the moment between Raheny, Craobh, Shellbeville, Beann’s and Crokes.

It seems to be going well from what I heard.

The North County sides would still be packed with Bangers.


Almost the entire Vins AFL ten team are over 35. A good few are over 40!!!