Over 40s still hurling!

Scoil v otooles yday div 8
approx 7 over 40s on the pitch !!

Saw Brian kelleher hurl with boden last yr must be touching 50 !

Any idea who’s the eldest lemon hurling this yr in Dublin circles?

Seamus “Shambo” McHugh must be some age now, saw him starting for Vins Juniors in their all ireland run

Clontarf had a 52 year old hurling yesterday, but an anonymity clause is in place!

Jason Buckley playing Junior with Setanta, he’s 49…

He looks about 59​:grin::grin:


Kelleher would be over 50 at this stage

Mark McManus - Trinity Gaels 50 still hurling… Half the Trinity hurling team are over 40…

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He knows where you live!!

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53/54, he played last year with his young lad. Boden won a champo a few years ago with the fullback line coming in at about a combined age of 140​:joy::joy::joy:

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Tom Kennedy hurling for the Geese. Still going strong at 50 :grinning:

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59 ill find you :joy::joy::joy:


Mark is in pretty good shape and still has a good level of fitness or at least looks like he has !

any amount of them still playing down the leagues

erins isle lowest team have a good few veterans, the wild geese have them, st brendans have them, Lusk have a 2nd team started up this year for the older lads , finians ahl9 team have a few lads well into the 40s who are still fine players

be a good few teams not fielding if it wasn’t for the grey vote!

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Trinity didn’t field 2 or 3 years back, great that a few veterans came back to resurrect the hurling team


Good luck with the next match he’s reffing ye in :joy::joy:

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There was a great picture last year of Brian, think it was his Dad as coach, and himself and his young lad Adam playing…

I think of our 3 hurling teams the oldest on the first team would be around 40, oldest on the second team would be around 45-48 and the oldest on the 3rd team would be around 55

Knew I had a picture somewhere of a Young Mr Kennedy…

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who did he play for before the Geese? adult hurling is not on the go for decades out that way

In fairness to him, he keeps himself busy with all the GPOing. A great fella. The kids love him.