Over 40s still hurling!

I think Tom may have played with faughs but i could be wrong ?

Yep,joined from Faughs.

Say it to his face :rage:

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He played Jnr for Dublin early 90s with myself i knew it was him ,top hurler fairplay to him to still be togging out at 50 .


theres a lot of over 40’s hurling and football down here, the last game i played (and afterwards i made that promise to myself) i got a dirty pull on me, as i was going for a high ball, ended up in a heap on the ground. My own fucking GP. Asked if i needed a doctor, I was too dazed to get up and lamp him. Aul lads with “something still to prove” who won a Harty Cup in the mid 70’s trying to take your head clean off? I’ll stick to the running and the bike.


Sorry but :joy:

He doesn’t drink, does he?

Grew up playing with Whitehall Colmcille.

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Could nt tell ya. Only know him through Na Fianna as GDO.

Tom O’Dwyer older brother of Ryan has been hurling with us (TD) for the last 10 years, started Centre forward for the seniors last year at 42!

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Himself and 2 or 3 brothers all played for Whitehall growing up before transferring to Faughs.

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The Kennedys grew up in Gaeltacht Park and played for Whitehall Their Dad Mick was from Tipp and was associated with Faughs. He was part of Dublin management team in late 80’s with Lar Foley and Sean Shanley. Tom went on to play for Faughs. His brothers continued to play for Whitehall.


The youngest (Liam??) and at least one other brother played for Faughs before going back to Whitehall. They continued to play big ball with Whitehall.

You’re correct. Liam and Michael!

Liam was a very tidy hurler, possibly better than Tom.


Both Tom and mick played for the geese. Great guys and hurlers too. As far as I know their dad has the claim to fame of scoring the first ever goal in colour on televised TV in Ireland.

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Fair fux to any lad over 40 still togging :clap:t2::clap:t2:

Some of those Liffey gaelers playing for Counsel gaels must be over 40 now.

You could be right. The only time I watched our hurlers last year was in the Championship final…

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