Over and under achieving

What clubs in Dublin could be put into either category of under or over achieving. Based on size of area amount of teams.

For example would na fianna be classed as under achieving beacause of the little impact they have had at senior or over achieving because of the success at juvenile and minor?

That success is barely a decade old. Might take a little longer for it to come through. If they were in a similar position in five year’;s time then fair enough. But it’s worth noting that their first real successful hurling team was Shane Barrett’s They’re only reaching proper adulthood now.

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Likes of Setanta are over-achieving based on resources . I’d add O Tooles into that as well.

Likes of Vincent’s , Na Fianna completely underachieving in my opinion

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I don’t think any club over achieves. If a club is successful it’s for a reason. A lot of clubs have periods of success and then a period of flatlining or even a drop in standards. The current county hurling champions were playing Ahl 2 and senior b championship in the last 15 years. They sorted their underage structures out and the success is paying off now. Ballymun did similar in the football. Any club that doesn’t make use of its resources will underachieve

While it’s a fair comment on Cuala it must also be said that they are a traditional hurling club, always produced great players and have a massive population base. But certainly all credit for the work over the last few years.

Surely st brigids would be underachievers?

I’d consider us to be over achievers personally, considering the membership numbers, we’re actually quite a small club.

But I guess, it should be other club’s call on whether we under/over achieve!

Have Trinity Gaels no longer ano adult hurling teams?

Always thought they should have done a lot better in Senior Hurling once they won the IHC. Too many dual players for a small club.

Trinity no longer have a hurling team. Hard to get one up and running again too.

There’s actually a big hurling (& GAA in general) black spot in North East Dublin which includes most of Dublin 13 and the areas of Howth, Sutton, Baldoyle and large parts of Donaghmede. If you were to pick an area where there is population and money yet very little GAA as opposed to 'over/under achievement then this would be it.

Portmarnock is a relatively small suburb (8-10k population over the past 10years) and up until recently maintained a Senior Football and Senior Hurling team, I would say that is an example of doing very well for your surroundings.

For the size of Swords now (circa 50k) there should really be more success out that direction but they possess have too many competing teams which is hindering that area.