Overheard on public transport

On the train and overhearing three girls - nah three thirty something females. Posh - or trying to be. One of them mentions an obviously mutual friend going on a date last night. And they all immediately tune in … seems it was through Tinder. Nice guy apparently and she may go out with him again. GSOH as they used to say in the Ireland’s Own personal ads.

How do they know all this? She posted it …

If I’m Mr Right (has never happened btw) and I’m reading about my ‘date’ on Facebook or Instagram within a few hours there ain’t gonna be no second date.

Wtf is it with people??? Jaysus is there no such thing as a personal life any more?? I’m glad I’m done with all that. There was no Grindr in my day.

They are now proceeding to lightly bitch about some other ‘friend’. There’s a book/play in this.

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Second had story, but I once heard of two ould wans talking about someone being in an accident and suffering terrible injuries and will need private health care to be treated promptly…

“But he’ll be ok as he’s in the HIV”.


sorry to piss on your cornflakes.

People on the dart who talk at the top of their voice on the phone and tell the whole section their life story is another example of how fúcked up this world is.

And females on a packed dart opening up what is essentially a small tool-kit to spend the entire journey painting a fake face on is another example.

safer doing it on the dart than 120km/h on the M50 - and yes she was driving.

Although the best i seen was some one eating their cereal from their lap when stopped at the lights after coming off the M50 - Toast fair enough but your corn flakes , get the boat

They had done that several times… a cereal offender.


She should end up doing porridge for that.


Ah no - I am talking about zooming in on a set group - maybe these three girls. Or maybe Aido, Shamie and Conor!