Paddle boarding

If anyone has an interest in paddle boarding let me know. WhatsApp 087 621 3873.

Thinking of taking up sea kayaking

What club are you? I would highly recommend any activity on the sea. We’re so lucky not to be too far away from it. Also enjoy inland on the paddleboard as it is less weather dependant and safer. I’ve done a lot of sea swimming this year but just too cold recently. Waiting for the weather to pick up a bit. Good way to expend some energy.

Ballymartle. Moved to near the sea near Kinsale so want to take up some kind of watersport. Some nice Kayaks on your site, going to get a few lessons first and see how i go (on a nice gentle lake to start).

Thank you. Being down there ya have to do something like that. Beautiful part of the country.

Paddleboarding looks serene and that but I believe it takes getting used to in that you are using many muscles that you otherwise wouldn’t. Know someone who took it up recently following retirement and is enjoying it.

On the swimming, I have never seen so many people in the sea - especially women right through the winter. Seems to have really exploded with great reports of physical and mental benefits. Just looks cold to me.

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It doesn’t take that much getting used to if you’re athletic enough. There’s loads of good tips on youtube. I wouldn’t consider it the most strenuous of sport but also depends on the distance you’re doing and board etc. Yeah thoroughly enjoying it myself.

The swimming in winter is a bit bizarre. Your body turns pink/red and I’ve been reading a lot if you don’t use gloves you get serious bad pain in your hands and feet that sometimes don’t go away for hours. It has exploded and you’re right. Some of the winter swimming I think is over the top but if it’d not too cold you get used to it. Sometimes there’s an element of swimming with paddle boarding if you’re not very good!

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