Paddy Andrews

Think Paddy Andrews deserves his own thread. Was very underrated. One of my favourite Dublin players. Great underage player playing 3 years minor and 3 years u21 for Dublin. Only when Jim Gavin took senior role he established himself in his best position in the forwards. He was probably a bit too selfish in his early days regarding shooting options but became the ultimate team player sacrificing his game creating space for others. I remember him setting up Paul Flynn for crucial point in AI final when could scored himself. He was brilliant in both games 2015 against Mayo when the chips were down and kicked a big point in final against Kerry in first half when powered by Fionn Fitzgerald. He kicked 2 points in first half against Mayo in first 2016 final when all other forwards were misfiring. The last couple years he struggled with injuries but I’m sure he provided excellent leadership to the background with the younger lads. Enjoy the retirement. A Dublin great.


Class player - great attitude i thought

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If more lads retire will amend thread name.


Best of luck Paddy, 7 All Ireland medals

He was excellent in 2013 and 2015 and also 2017. Should actually have a got an Allstar in 2015 for his semi final and final performances. One of our best forwards in those years. Lost a yard after that and replaced by Con. Some man for kicking a score off either foot from a tight angle.


I thought he always had that extra bit of time on the ball. Oozed class IMHO. Took Keith Higgins to the cleaners. As for angles (as already pointed out) you would need a laser to guide them they where that acute. Enjoy the retirement Paddy. Well deserved.

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It’s unbelievable to think he played 3 years minor. It just shows how good he was from the get go. I’ll always remember the Dublin manager going mad that he played an u16 league game for Brigids a few weeks before a Minor Dublin game. He was only 15 at the time.

Great talent and always comes across as a good lad with a nice bit of “craic” in him.
Sign of a class act is that he always seemed to have time on the ball. Thanks for the memories Paddy

Was brilliant underage in numerous positions. Dominated a big under 21 game against Meath from centre back.

He was well able to play centre back. Played u21 club with him where he played there and dominated against a very good Crokes team.

Brilliant player, thought he could of developed into one of the absolute greats when he was playing underage.

Hadn’t massive pace, but his movement and attitude was 2nd to none, along with the trademark tight angle points, glorious.

One of my favourite players of the last decade, will be missed within the group too, another big character gone.

Definition of a “baller” class act.

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A great servant to Dublin. Think 15 replay v mayo his marquee display at senior level. Grma Paddy.


Only once didn’t make the match day squad in his 7 All Irelands, last year when the writing was on the wall. Started in 4 finals, sub in a few more.

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A true warrior to the blue shirt and teak tough.
Never got the praise he deserved for his work in the attack. While he got scores of course, some beauties, it was his tireless running off the ball, winning dirty ball and creation of space that made him so valuable. Much of this work was done “off screen” so to speak and only seen by being at the game, or playing it.

Thank you Paddy & best wishes for the future

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Apart from 2011 this will be the first year in 30 years that one of the Andrews brothers won’t feature in a Dublin set up at either senior or underage. Some achievement for the family. And in 2011 they won their only county together which meant a massive amount to both of them.

In and around 50 metres from Paddy Andrews family house there are 20 Senior All Ireland medals from people born in that area from 4 different people some going


Not true. Peadar was retired from the seniors before the county title in 2011.

Congrats to Paddy on an excellent career & best wishes for the future.

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Thanks Paddy for all the memories. Best of luck with your retirement.

Always came across as a sound unassuming guy. Always did what was asked of him in the interests of the team.

Enjoy the retirement and thanks for the memories Paddy.

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Top Man Paddy. Great player. As Dessie the Dope said,’’ he’ll kick points all day long.’’

a player who got the max out of himself and overcame some horrendous days to come out the other side. well entitled to all accolades on his retirement