Parcel Forwarding / Virtual Address

Does anyone know of an AddressPal like alternative in Continental Europe?

Looking to purchase a Stove and a few other big items in Poland, Germany and Slovakia.

Or even one that ships to the UK? Then I could use Address Pal or the likes to ship from UK to Ireland.

I’ve heard of a couple like Europe Mailbox but have no experience of using them. I’ve generally gone with Fed-Ex or DHL/DPD for this kind of thing.
Avoid parcel motel like the plague, a vast amount of stuff they receive goes “missing” in their warehouse and their insurance is capped at €100


Nice find Vin. Gentleman. Thanks :+1:

I’ve no clue about that process but I think DHL is the major German shipping/postal company, which of course also has bases in Ireland. I wonder do they ship stuff like you’re talking about and whether you can use them or the likes?

Must look into them too 5AO. Cheers