Parnell Park Fines

How many clubs have been fined for their juveniles being on the pitch at half time last weekend ???

100 euro fines issued at Tuesday nights CCC meeting I was told

Crazy, how can it be the clubs fault, this tradition has happened for years and is a great one, long may it continue


You could nearly hear Noel Murphy’s blood pressure exploding on the Tannoy just before the 2nd half! You’d swear he took it personally!


I know…some muppets courting bad PR.

every club fined should highlight it on social media

Jaysus, i knew they were fining clubs if players went on for a puck at half time (which is a joke imo), but to fine a club because a young lad with a club top on was playing with his friends for 10 minutes is a disgrace.

are there insurance issues that they are worried about?

not mentioned in the email I’m told it just says about breaching rule 71 of match day regulations or some similar blazer waffle

What about any kids who may have been wearing a Dublin top, Fine themselves ??

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Can any fines be appealed. I’d imagine that the CB would have a hard time proving that the children were actually club members. For one they would have to have the names of the children in question.

Having children on the pitch at half time has been going on for years & years and seems to generate a good bit of goodwill. I’d expect banning it would cause bad PR. Although a 100 euro fine is hardly the biggest deterrent (as long as it isn’t per child). I wonder is this the CB doing the bare minimum to say that they are discouraging the practice.

Noel Murphy owns Parnell Park . . .

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It doesn’t even state they had club tops on. Just because it was half time in the Judes Cuala game

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Its great to see, but on more then one occurrence I’ve seen a young lad over hit a ball into the stand.

One case cracking a lady on the head, that is a liability parnell park can’t afford to have.

I suggest that you read regulation 71 before you make any more false statements. It has absolutely nothing to do with kids playing on the pitch at halftime.

Some of the subs were out warming up - maybe that’s what the fines were for?

There is simply no way they could fine kids based on their tops.

Ah feic off back yo your your blazer .pedestal

Tell us the rule then.

Regulation 71 covers no juveniles in the pitch dugout or dressing room. Judes didn’t have any in dugout or dressing room so it is reasonable to assume if refers to half time and that is how the club executive understand it I believe

Or have you a different version of regulation 71 than the one which CCC used on Tuesday night…

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I’m sure that if the club concerned go through official channels they will be given the full details by CCC of why the fine was imposed.

Everyone is agreed that the hundreds of kids playing on the pitch at halftime is a wonderful sight, however the risk of injury is enormous to the participants and to others sitting or standing nearby. For instance no hurler will train or play nowadays without wearing a helmet yet I don’t recall ever seeing any child wearing a helmet in the mass puck around in the Nell.
Parents, in particular, have a responsibility to mind their own children and allowing small children to play on the pitch while adult men are warming up by sprinting, belting balls around etc is just inviting serious injury or worse and shows a complete disregard for health and safety.
The stewards are in a no win situation, if something happens they were wrong and if they ask people not to enter the pitch area they are usually verbally abused (sometimes physically abused) by parents who think their kids have an entitlement to play on the pitch between games or at halftime.

So board delegate is my wording of regulation 71 correct or am I still spreading false statements.

Has it still absolutely nothing to do with kids playing st half time ???

Kids puck around without helmets all the time. The constant trumpeting of health and safety as an excuse to ban everything in this country is getting ridiculous.

He was the last person badly injured in a half time puck around?


There are kids treated for minor injuries sustained in puck a rounds in Parnell Park on a regular basis, a couple last weekend! Mostly injuries caused when someone, a bystander, is caught by a back swing of a Hurley. If it is considered unsafe for accomplished adults to be on a pitch without helmets there is your proof that the uncontrolled hurling at held time has to stop.
Also, consider what could happen if a 12, 13 or 14 stone man warming up for a match ran full belt into a small 5 or 6 year old child. And who would be in the wrong? Never the child or the parent!
Why don’t you volunteer your services as a steward and see things from the other side?

Except those 14 stone men are not allowed on the pitch at half time to warm up (i know they often do before you correct me). Sounds like a case of fine everyone and hope that one of the groups stop going on the pitch at half time so that there’s no injuries.

Is there a specific reason why players are not allowed on at half time?

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