Parnell Park Fines

Boarddelegate1 is there a reason you are ignoring my query re Regulation 71.

did I parahrase it pretty accurately and where did i make false statements…

as someone who seems tolike talking about upholding every rule and regulation very closely I would ask that you show me the courtesy of withdrawing inflammatory inaccurate posts about me

maybe its simply because the match was on the telly.

no that was the Friday evening games on TV, Saturday weren’t shown

Ran any number of under age finals in Parnell Park and other venues for nine years. Never once came across an injury to someone having a puck about on the pitch. And even if we did so what? Do we ban everything that might be remotely dangerous? You are far, far more likely to get injured playing the game.


The actual rule is

71. Children under 14 years of age are not permitted in any of the following areas under any
circumstances – pitch, dug-out, dressing room area. (€100 fine).

So I’d say clubs were fined having kids in the dressing room or in the dugout. It doesn’t say anything about kids at half time in that rule

it says the pitch which actually would cover the half time rule

on clarification from the CCC a helpful eagle eyed DCB inspector noted a Judes mentor’s child carrying 2 bottles of water from the dressing room area to the dugout area.

Its a most heinous crime and should be 1000 fine not 100…

or in a normal world would a reminder note to the clubs concerned not work…

or would the “crime” not be specifically mentioned when the sentence is handed down

I hear you @Lostcause - but you either have rules or you don’t.

more likely to get injured but you are covered by insurance. I presume that this is the main reason for all the increased health and safety in day to day life

my main annoyance would be that the DCB should have highlighted the transgression without need for clarification being asked…

but suppose it justifies the existence of the importance of the CCC

Kids 100% in the way of Kilmacud players doing the warm up pre match. Surely it rests with the parents and the stewards in the ground even? Very hard on clubs

There was an instance where a member of a local club attended our family day and submitted a claim after the event that his two year old was hit with a hurley by a teenager. The claim submitted was against the GAA and not the club from what i remember. Although I don’t agree with the DCB’s actions I see where they are coming from.

The married v singles on stephens day now requires a waiver to be signed due to insurance claims all over the place for it. Also told bouncy castles etc on club days are a non runner for the same reason :slightly_frowning_face::thinking:

Oh. For. ■■■■’s. Sake.
Childhood obesity is off the scales. As is addiction to screens. We cannot take all of the spontaneity and fun out of childhood due to fear of litigation. Jesus wept uncontrollably.


Not on this evidence…


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That’s been the case for nearly a decade now! Sadly, at club days, when the adults get a few bevvies inside, they take to the bouncy castles too, that’s when the real injuries occur!

Just as a side to this, the clubs pay a levy to the DCB for the GAA insurance packet, and if the DCB didn’t take these actions and there was widespread litigation, the cost of insurance would become too much for the clubs to cope with!

I actually think it is more indicative of modern society and the penchant for certain people to sue over the smallest things sadly, more than any bad intent from the DCB.

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You just made the shortest verse in the bible unfeasibly big …