Parnell Park Passes

I went online today to renew my two Parnell Park passes that I have had for 12 years, to discover that they are all sold. We attend every championship, league and club championship matches and it is a disgrace not to get a phone call, letter, text to say they are on sale and need to be purchased now.
The fair weather supporters are jumping on the bandwagon to guarantee a ticket for the third Sunday in September.

That is very unfair / unfortunate. However they are renewed at the end of the NFL every year and there were notices on the Hill 16 website re opening & closing dates. At very least every holder should also have got email. Have you tried contacting DCB. They must have a record of your renewals over the years.

Passes run from May 1st - April 30th every year. Used the old one last Saturday to get into O Toole Park for Inter Championship. Guy on stile hadn’t seen a new one at that stage… Rang DCB this morning but couldn’t care less… “tough luck” was the attitude.

As the bandwagon gets bigger it’s always the genuine supporters who lose out.

In fairness to the County Board, they posted a notice (see below) on that the passes could be renewed by existing holders from 11th April until the end of April and then they’d go on public sale.

I posted a link to the notice on the old Res Dubs site.

It’s ridiculous that the OP didn’t get an email at least . They require name, address , email address and phone number at point of purchase .
It’s simply not good enough.

Why not drop down to Parnell Park and explain your situation face to face?

Can’t do any harm…

I always check the website around April / May for when they’re on sale and the info’s always there. I do agree an email or letter would be better though.

They normally sell out in September not in May!

I think a few more are added in Sept. but are sold out earlier :wink:

Years ago I missed the deadline and I popped into Parnell Park almost weeping. The lady there at the time wasn’t sure she could do anything. But then john Costello arrived and he was extremely nice and the minute he realised I wasn’t just a big-day fan, sorted me out straight away. So I’d pop down in person and politely state your case.

Years ago we weren’t winning All Ireland’s regularly.

You could try but I don’t see it doing any good. It’s actually a loss maker for the county and they’d rather have less than more. And every extra one they issue can be renewed. They don’t want that.

Loss maker?!! Wow, I had no idea. I assumed it was making then a fortune of easy money.

I’m surprised it makes a loss insofar as they’ve released a load of them after the semi final in every instance where we have got into the final .
Pass holders still have to pay for championship matches so effectively the price paid is offset against the poorly attended league fixtures ( in relation to capacity) so how is it running at a loss ?

I was always of that opinion too Alan, but at a cc meeting about 2 years ago that was successfully challenged with figures as far as I remember… Unless my memory fails me!

Tweet from the DCB about Parnell Pass renewals.

[quote]Parnell Pass Update
Wed, 29th March 2017

The 2017 Parnell Pass will be available for renewal online in late April 2017 on

The Parnell Pass Scheme is currently fully subscribed and we will not be accepting new applications at this time.

Existing Pass Holders will have first option to renew their Parnell Pass in late April 2017.

Please note Dublin County Board will not be accepting names for a waiting list for new Parnell Passes.

Specific renewal and purchase information will be posted on in the coming weeks.[/quote]

Don’t think they send out individual reminders via text or email, do they? I’ve been a PP holder for 7 years and I’ve never gotten one. Anyway, don’t want anyone to get caught out, like they were last year, where the PP’s sold out before some of ya’ll even knew they were up for renewal.

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It’s a joke that they don’t send a reminder . Almost got caught myself last year .

Aye. The Twitter machine seems to be their preferred manner of communicating with their fanbase. Which isn’t much use to people if they aren’t on Twitter, but I suppose its easier for them to manage, then sending out individual texts and emails.

Also have a notice on their website

just have to keep an eye open and this page bookmarked , hadnt the funds last april to renew but i ahve them put aside now just in case.

Hope you get sorted so boss. According to that, they are only taking renewals, not new purchases.