Parson Cup 2017

19th February 12.00
Group One

BSJ v Good Counsel
St. James Gaels v St. Kevins Killians
Thomas Davis v St. Annes

Group Two

Garristown v Naomh Barrog
St. Margarets v St. Marys
Wild Geese v Na Gaeil Oga

All division 7 teams. What league are Good Counsel from?
Who would be favourites for this Jumior X?

i know there are league fixture dates out but when are fixtures of who’s playing who out???

Just waiting on sky sports to release what games they will televise

Yes all division 7 teams apart from counsel - they have teams in div 4 and 11

Hard to know at the minute what level teams are at - minors coming up, lads retiring etc. - first games should indicate where teams are at. St. Annes won this last year but were weaker in the league than the likes of BSJ, Margarets, James Gaels & Marys…

I’m sure garristown will be back competitive at this level. Few minors coming through.

That couldn’t be councels first team in a div 7 cup they are really competitive in div 3 and 4 some farce if they have been let into it

They were let into a div 9 cup a few years back wasn’t their full 1st team but won that cup handily

Sure there is no gradings for cups, if a club felt the need for silverware so much they can do what they want. For example, we are in the Div9 cup and could play our dvi1 team in that if we wanted to, why would you though, only piss off the 3rd team, opposition and a complete waste of time

They be missing players to hurling . Cups will clash with hurling league games. They have a few players signed from Crumlin.

The cups are meant to be for non hurling footballers and vice versa.

I could see a lot of dual clubs who are putting in the same number of teams into the cups as they have in the leagues giving a lot of walkovers in the cups.
So I would actually say fair play to Counsel for looking at it the right way and realising that they wouldn’t be able to field 2 (I think) hurling and 2 football teams on the same weekend.
I don’t see any issue with them putting 1 team in mid way between their 2 league teams!

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Barrog beat Garristown by a couple of points

Counsel beat BSJ by 7/8

Ngo and geese was a draw. Some bizarre decisions made by referee, comical at times. Good game of football otherwise

They were a decent side - strong in most positions.

Not sure if they were missing any as there was no hurling this weekend.

Counsel beat TD by 1 point. Nice morning for a game :joy:

Garristown beat St Mary Saggart by 4 points last night

Thomas Davis 2-09 ; BSJ 2-15 - Played last night.

James’s Gaels beat Counsel by a good few today.

Na Gael Oga 0-9 beat St Marys 1-4