Paths of the Dead - The All Ireland SFC Qualifiers & All Ireland QF Thread 2017

Apologies if I have missed it and it is already registered somewhere that I can’t see, but the qualifier draw was made this morning with the following fixtures drawn.

All-Ireland qualifiers Round 1A - Games to be played weekend June 17/18

  • Waterford v Derry
  • Louth v Longford
  • Wicklow v Laois
  • Sligo v Antrim

All-Ireland qualifiers Round 1B - Games to be played weekend June 24/25

  • Westmeath/Offaly v Cavan/Monaghan
  • Armagh v Fermanagh
  • Limerick v Wexford
  • London v Carlow

Familiar pairing for us, as I recall us playing Fermanagh in the qualifiers the day that Meath robbed Louth of a Leinster title with a push over try.

Represents an ideal match for us - tough proposition against a defence orientated team who will give us our fill of it. If we win, it should hopefully give us a confidence boost that we can maybe go forward over a couple of rounds and gain a bit of momentum. A defeat and we are put out of our misery with minimal fuss and cost and we can start looking in detail at decisions around where we go from here.

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What are qualifiers?

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Actually a nice set of draws. Most of those games should be reasonably competitive.

Ask Tommy Lyons.



Would love to see London progress

Round 2A qualifier draw:

Meath v Sligo
Mayo v Derry
Laois v Clare
Donegal v Longford

Crazy that the weaker counties don’t get home advantage …

They do… Meath and Mayo are both at home! :slightly_smiling_face:


So the winners of those will play each other in round 3A. Some good qualifier games on this side of the draw anyway

Mayo really are steeped with all the home draws in the qualifiers. That’s 4 in a row now.


Looks like Sligo used 7 subs - replay for Antrim.

Mayo don’t play very well at home in recent times. We either loose to Galway or eek out wins against opposition we really should be beating with ease. We should be beating Derry but will probably make hard work of it.

Ye may have issues with how you play at home, but would Aido have had that infamous penalty against Fermanagh awarded, if the game was up in front of a hostile crowd in Brewster Park? I doubt it. A lot of other counties that are regularly in the qualifiers, would bite your arm off for 4 homes games on the trot.

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Strictly speaking, Antrim should be awarded the match. The precedent was ourselves and Laois last year. Apparently Armagh could have demanded the match but were happy to agree to a replay which of course Laois won. Made little difference anyway, as Laois fell at the next hurdle to Clare.

Just reading about it on the RTE website and it appears it was all above board.

6 substitutions can be made but any number of blood subs can be made in addition to those 6 subs. According to the Sligo manager, the 7th change was a blood sub and all the relevant documentation was completed and noted by the referee.

Fairly easy to abuse that rule . Interesting

How so?

Interestingly, it only applies for blood subs, if it’s a head injury and somebody has to go off they cannot be replaced if the 6 subs have already been made. Change can only be made if there is blood.

Just remembering a few years ago the rugby player and physio in England, who were both suspended after the player bit a blood capsule to appear to be bleeding and allow an extra sub to be made.

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And that’s what I was getting at

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