Paths of the Dead - The All Ireland SFC Qualifiers & All Ireland QF Thread 2017

I didn’t say you shouldn’t change it at all. It should of course be changed.

Qualifiers - Round 2B

Wexford v Monaghan
Cavan v Tipperary
Carlow v Leitrim
Westmeath v Armagh

Interesting pair up in the first game. Monaghan will try to regroup following what will have been a devastating loss to Down. Banty will have Wexford fired up no doubt.

Cavan against Tipp is probably the pick of the bunch. Tough draw for Tipp, which will be made tougher by the away draw and the loss of Michael Quinlivan.

The Carlow v Leitrim game gives both a rare opportunity to progress to Round 3 of the qualifiers.

Our trip to Westmeath is an opportunity for us - if we have it in us - to build on the Fermanagh result. Will be interesting to see how Westmeath respond to yesterday’s disaster, but with home advantage and a realistic prospect of victory, I would expect them to get the show back on the road. I think it will be a tight one to call. Hopefully we can sneak it.

Mayo-v-Derry this weekend. Cue last night adiscussion with David Brady about his retirement 10 years ago with the boilers together with mayoman kilbane. well, at least they’re consistant.

(Off topic, but “I have to ask myself” kimmage was the subject of a long interview and he started hinting his unease at how Stephen Roche won his TdeF when they had to go to a break. Subject wasnt returned to as far as i know…)

Laois v Clare
Donegal v Longford
Mayo v Derry
Meath v Sligo

You’d have to go for 4 home wins with the stronger teams mostly at home. Pity really as I thought the qualifiers were meant to give the weaker counties a chance and all four might have had a sniff at home. Mayo have had four home draws in a row I think.

Clare will give Laois plenty and if Meath play like two weeks ago they could struggle. Hard to see Derry do amything but Longford have a decent Qualifier record,

11-8 to Clare at ht.

Latest Clare 1-14 Laois 10 … poor effort at home

laois are down to 14 men for most of the second half.

anyway why did people think laois would win this one?

Come on Derry. Would be nice to see the “people’s champions” knocked out early. So we don’t have to endure the shite about them


Derry making a game of this so far, they have opened up the Mayo defence several times now. Keegan just got away with a blatant trip.

People’s champions coming back into it.

I think I’ll enjoy Derry winning this.

Longford a point up against Donegal at half time. And the game is in Donegal.

3-4 must be back to the 2011 system …

Mayo will win this easy enough now

But need to sort out their full back. Caff is poor

How many pts have Mayo kicked from play, in 50 minutes of football…3, 4 ?

And how many goal chances have they butchered?

Brew-tal !

Mayo’s defensive plan is a bit all over the shop.

Derry getting tired now by the looks of things

Kick outs aside, the Derry keeper is having a stormer. Still hard to believe that Mayo won’t catch them though.

You’d think that Derry have left it behind by missing that free at the end. But you can never count on Mayo converting their possession in extra time.

Mayo very nearly did a Mayo on it. You’d have to expect that they will have too much for Derry in ET though… COC getting away with a facial/fist charge again. He’s such an angel!