Paths Of The Dead - The Qualifiers 2016

Laois v Armagh the pick of the round

Sorry Yoda, had to change the title in keeping with what we called it before.


Round 1A of the All Ireland Football qualifiers: (Four games take place on w/e June 18/19)

Laois v Armagh

Carlow v Wicklow

Derry v losers of Louth/Meath

Leitrim v Waterford

Round 1B of the Al Ireland Football qualifiers: (Four games take place on w/e June 25/26)

Down v Longford

Antrim v Limerick

Losers of Offaly/Westmeath v London

Wexford v losers of Donegal/Fermanagh

Derry v Meath could be good.

I think Louth will give Meath a right rattle on Sunday, it’s in the Nell as well if anyone is at a loose end.

Sorry, I have an appointment to have hot pins inserted into my testicles!

I’d love to see Louth give them a trimming, they’re still d’auld enemy in my book. ANd of course, there’s the whole Joe Sheridan thing!

Just on the thread title, was it the Fella who came up with that gem?? Journo’s and all started using it!

Losers of Meath vs Louth are out playing 6 days later , that’s a fucking disgrace.

Looks like the GAA in all their wisdom are going to schedule the Laois v Armagh game at the same time or overlapping with Ireland v Belgium. Might ask Paddy Power for odds on the attendance less than 500 is a serious possibility if that happens.

Standards slipping on the new site.

Surely that should read, "Losers of M**th vs Louth are out playing 6 days later.

Agree on it being a disgrace though.

Ah, Dinvincible (plus at least one other M*#&h poster on the old site who’s nick escapes me), where are they now?

Their hurlers only got 4 days notice …:confounded:

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Probably as tough a draw as we could have got but I’m actually happy enough with that. Things are obviously at a low ebb and we have suffered a number of injuries to key personnel from the Cavan game, so this represents a major obstacle.

What I would love to see is our management adopt a much more positive approach, take the opportunity to give youth a fling, and go out with a ‘nothing to lose’ approach. Antrim won in Portlaoise last year, so a win is certainly attainable. If we can win, it will give a much needed boost to confidence and self belief. If we can’t win, then we’re safer out anyway and a lengthy period of re-evaluation can take place.

Laois v Armagh

Drawn game Laois 1-04 Armagh 0-07 at halftime. Looks like the Laois fans are boycotting this one as well?

Half time analysis (from Ciaran Whelan and Tomas O’Se) is surprisingly good, when Brolly isn’t shouting everyone else down every 5 seconds.

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Laois fans really helping to create a cracking atmosphere in this one…

Poor enough game so far … Has livened up a bit for the run in

Geezer is a spoofer. An absolute spoofer.

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And yet he’s still an inter county manager…

All Ireland Football Qualifiers Round 2A

Sligo v Leitrim

Clare v Laois

Loser of Tyrone/Cavan v Carlow

Derry v Loser of Dublin/Meath

***These games will take place on the weekend of July 2nd and 3rd.

Not much in 2A to catch the eye. I suppose Derry V Leinster semi loser looks potentially the best.

Could be a hint of redemption for McGeeney, rumours abound that the Lemons used 7 subs on Saturday