Paths Of The Dead - The Qualifiers 2019

First round draw has been made. Have to say that overall it is a very nice looking draw with plenty of even enough matches.

Round 1

Louth v Antrim
Down v Tipperary
Leitrim v Wicklow
Wexford v Derry
Offaly v London
Monaghan v Fermanagh
Carlow v Kildare/Longford
Westmeath v Waterford

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Glad to see the continuity of Paths Of The Dead being used :slightly_smiling_face:


Monaghan v Fermanagh … pick of the round

Only division 1 and 2 teams draw each other. Not an ideal way for the Fermanagh lads to wake up to hungover on their bank holiday.

Certainly not to watch :woozy_face:


Nothing stands out there TBH, I think everyone wants to know who Mayo will get next. Have to wait another fortnight for that

Offaly London will be a cracker

Some interesting ones

Louth v Antrim (Antrim)
Down v Tipperary (Down)
Leitrim v Wicklow (Leitrim)
Wexford v Derry (Derry)
Offaly v London (Offaly)
Monaghan v Fermanagh (Monaghan)
Carlow v Kildare/Longford (Not carlow)
Westmeath v Waterford (westmeath)

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Down vs Tipperary the pick of the round for me.

As Greavsie might have said to Saint "Leitrim v Wicklow…what can I say "?

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What can you say?

A dry ball would suit Wicklow ?
Midfield will be the key.

Agreed, but the wind can shift quick in Páirc Seán MacDiarmaida.
I think the benches will decide this one, hard to say which way, unless it comes down to a refereeing decision.

There’ll only be a hop of the ball between them. If Wicklow can stay within three points with ten minutes left, you’d have to fancy them down the home stretch.
Unless they are playing into the school end of course.

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Offaly v London key for me. Brexit has been a bit disastrous for London I believe with the panel evenly split between remain and leave. It has caused a lot of hassle in training and led to some heated rows. Some of the lads were apparently not impressed when management brought Nigel Farage in for a motivational talk the week of the Galway game.

Offaly camp not happy either with their first round defeat by lowly Meath. A good source told me they had Seamus Darby in this week and his rousing speech left nobody there in any doubt that if anybody can stop the 5 in a row it will be Offaly again. I expect them to hammer London and power through the qualifiers and Super 8s, setting up a tense finale with Dublin.


Are you tall, dark and from Raheny?

Derry will be a bet on the handicap against Wexford.

I heard London are travelling Thursday and bringing their own chef. They might surprise a couple of people

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London are not a bad side!! Offaly really need to win this! A loss here could have serious long term effects.

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Apparently Offaly destroyed their hurlers in a challenge match on Monday night in Birr.
Who knows if they can bring that form to Tullamore?