Paul Flynn



An abiding memory there alright .Heroic stuff

Did he make his debut against Meath in Parnell Park in the infamous mill-up game?

What a footballer and an absolute gent! Well done and thanks, Paul.

Made league debut against Westmeath in 08. Think he went to midfield in that Meath game when Whelo was sent off.

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Sorry to hear he’s gone from the county footballers but a really great contribution.

Loved his goal Vs Kerry in the League Final a few years ago, imperious like alot of his play.

Good luck to Flynner. There will be some tears at home tonight

Class player, not many get 4 all stars. A dublin legend. Well done Paul!

Different sort of game from him today . That sums up Flynn , selfless team player. Plus he always liked a row with the yerras. Legend.


A real legend for the dubs, excellent player who was particularly incredible from 2011-14. Seems a selfless retirement in the year of the drive for 5. Mark of the man

A player of the highest quality. Scored some of the best points you’d hope to see. Added real steel to the team and played in firefighting roles to get us over the line on the big days. Dropping in front of the full back line against Kerry in 2015 was a memorable one.

I think Paul worked no end to continuously improve his game and his point tallies over the years suggest that. An example to all young players.

Bows out as a Dublin great.

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An incredible player who absolutely got the most out of himself. Was brilliant especially from 2011-2014. The leadership he showed at the end of the 2013 all ireland final cannot be understated.

But, his time was up. In the league he was a shadow of his former self, and I said it after one of the games where he was poor that it’d be interesting to see if some of these players don’t make the 26 for the summer. My guess is he retired after being told he wasn’t part of the plans for this year, as hard as that might be to hear.

It may be a cold view on the situation, but I actually think this bodes well for the attitude management have for the summer. They needed to be ruthless post league and it would appear they’ve been just that. My fear was Gavin was going to rely too heavily on old lieutenants this summer. It doesn’t appear that way now.


Thank you Paul.

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Our recent success has been down to people like Flynner who put every ounce they had for the cause.
He was a managers dream and over the 12 years one of the first names on the team sheet.
He made that wing forward position his own and going off into the sunset with 20 inter county medals and 4 All stars is some collection.
Congrats on a fabulous career in blue.


God that scoring record is impressive!!!.. one of our best thru this golden period … his work rate was phenomenal… hope he can now enjoy his summer and see the boys deliver the holy grail

Super player. Retires with 6 All Ireland’s.

Best Flynner moments

1.Performance vs Tyrone in 2011 1/4 final
2. Exceptional performance in 2013 esp vs Kerry and Mayo In the final . His point from 50 yards in the final was sublime
3. 2014 first half points vs donegal
4.2016 final replay when he held his own when asked to play full game st midfield - unsung performance


Personally kinda happy to see him go now as its on his terms and he wasn’t having the impact we and he wanted for a while now.
This was we can remember him for the talent he had and what he brought to the jersey. He for me was the perfect new age footballer … big strong skilful pacy and could both mix it if needed or could be a total footballer not afraid to use both hands and feet when required and kick monster scores to help draw out blanket defences.


Totally agree with avb on all of this.

I’ll say one thing about Flynn he got every ounce out of himself. Great man, loved by his county, and deserves it all.

Agreed with all of the above, so won’t repeat it.

I’ll just add that even in the last couple of years when he didn’t start, there was always a feeling when he came on that “we’re safe now, we’ll win for sure cause here’s Flynner”

Thanks for your service Paul , here’s wishing you a long & happy retirement from playing.

I think the biggest tribute that can be paid to Paul, is a recognition of the huge effort he put in in the last few years to try and fight injury and pain to get back to where he was, he clearly left no stone unturned. As a player, a class act, will always remember his big hits, made life hard for the ref. There were no real stand out moments for me because in his prime he was so consistent that high fielding and massive points were the norm.
On a side note, just looking at footage of the 2011 final with the late Wishie fogarty commentating, around 59th minute Cian O Sullivan makes a high tackle, they are convinced he was Mick Fitz and should be a second yellow, you clearly see Cian and his number, but they were still insisting he was Fitz 10 minutes later, found it strange given that COS looks nothing like Fittz and would have thought a man of Wishie’s knowledge would know the players when he sees them…