Pele Legend

Great Man deserves a thread of his own
great player and a gentleman RIP

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My father got his autograph in Dublin Airport when he flew out , was Airport Police


There’s footage out there of Pele and Maradona in a studio playing head tennis , lovely piece , suggest people Google or you tube

He was a fantastic footballer and always a gentleman on and off the pitch.


Is that Johny Fullam marking him?

Neymar said a lovely piece on Pele how he turned entertainment into Art , and I agree , but equally I’m thinking if you really believe that why do you cheat ? Why do you dive ? Your Brazilian you fooker you’ve probably met the man , yet you play the game ina completely different manner to the great man

( rant over )

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Seemed to have a way with people . Everybody liked him ( except maybe his ex wives but that’s acceptable)

Remembered everyone’s name and had time for all

Rare to see any soccer stats do the same now

Wasn’t a problem, as he seemed to have another on the waiting around the corner :rofl:. But yeah he always came across as a friendly guy, always seemed to have a big smile.

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Not sure , I just found a bit of footage of him playing in Ireland :+1:

…and… ?

A delight to watch and been inquisitive as to if Pele every play a game in Ireland , I thought some might appreciate the footage … Yis are a hard crowd to please :wink::joy::+1:


Yeah, think it was him, he scored in that game, he lived near me, very nice family.

Never saw him play but seems to have been a legend and a decent skin. Rip.

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He really is a dose of the highest order .


Might as well name a stadium after Platinum, too.

EDIT… fukcing autocorrect…

That was meant to be Platini!!!

Of course he did…

Bigger arsehole than Septic which is quite the achievement

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Watched the FIFA scandal on Netflix last night

Something else . Makes John Delaney look like a angel in comparison