Penalty after a cynical foul inside the 21m?

Firstly, I think the GAA are finally getting close to proper punishment for cynical play. Alas however the way its worded and what a lot of fans will think of a goal scoring oppurtunity as being right in front of the goal will confuse people even more.

The piece in question worded as “cynical foul committed inside the 20m line or semi-circle that denies a clear goal scoring opportunity, in either hurling or football, will result in a ten minute sin-bin for the offending player and a penalty for the attacking team”

Lets break it down:
"Cyncial foul committed inside the 20m line"
Most people will think of the small and large rectabgle regards the hot spots, when the reality is inside the 20m includes the entire width of the pitch from the goal to the 20m line, its a massive space and wait for the calls from everyone when a penalty is given just inside the sideline at the corner flag for a cyncial foul, being nonsense and/or harsh.
There will always be human error regards inside the 20m or not, so be it.

…or semi-circle…
In addition to the massive area above we have now agreed to make it bigger by the addition of the semi circle. why I dont know, its another variable that just isnt needed.

…that denies a clear goal scoring opportunity…
To me if you cynically foul inside the area(s) mentioned above, then it should be a penatly, end of.
When does a goal scoring oppurtuntiy accrue?
To me inside the 20m line should be deemed as goal scoring opportunity.
How does this affect advantage rule?
Again another variable that screams of (as I have said before) somebody on a committee wanting their wording included for no reason other than its their wording.

On all of the above, at least 10 variables are
Inside the 20m or not
Inside the semi circle or not
Cyncial or not
Clear Goal scoring opportunity or not
Goal Scoring oppurtuntiy or not

The proposed rule should have read
“cynical foul committed inside the 20m line, in either hurling or football, will result in a ten minute sin-bin for the offending player and a penalty for the attacking team”

There are only 4 variables there, inside the 20m or not, was it cynical or not.


Why do the GAA get so many things right and make a hames of stuff that is relatively obvious.
Why do they continue to treat hurling and football the same?
The results of votes maybe the same, but the playing rules vary quite a bit.
The have to take hurling proposals separetly to football ones, completely different set of rules, yet they persist with a one rule fits all scenario.

Finally when did the vote go from two thirds (66%) to three fifths (60%)? I assume in order to get more proposals over the line?

Low and behold the piece above only got 61% of the vote, so going by old majority it wouldnt have passed.

…and breathe!


I would change it from cynical to deliberate. And make it inside the 45.

I played and referreed hockey. They have had an equivalent rule for centuries. Penalty Corners not penalties. But same idea. Also applies to abusing the ref.

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You want a penalty award every time a foul I’d committed inside the 45 ?
That’s ludicrous.
Gaa only doing this for the armchair supporter that wants more goals. I’m hoping it does not play havoc with the game . There will be some score-lines in junior football

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I’ll ressurect this discussion after the last 2 weekends of codology.

Seeing the coments on other threads its very clear that the thought process behind the rules and the execution of same do not even come close to meeting each other.

My instinct has changed slightly since first post above, it stinks of whoever agreed with the new rule(s) did so with the instruction they didnt want to be “too harsh” on the offending team (more than likely their own county) and went for a catch all approach which clearly is already causing mayhem.


A penalty and sin bin were always way too harsh, going to encourage all sorts of diving now.


I’d get rid of sin bin, waste and a variable not needed. Could have went it with a yellow card offence inside 20m line leads to a penatly.

Its a mess and caused by nothing more than media hype in previous years


Wait til Aido is fit again😉

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We need rid of that penalty rule . It’s a fucking joke . The fools that though that up are doing no good for Gaa .
Basically they want forwards to have a free run on goal no matter what . The amount of diving that will go on .
Hurling basically has no defenders anymore . These morons want football to go the same route .
If you don’t like football or moan about the style then don’t watch it .


Football had turned the corner from the dark days of the jim mcguinness blanket already and the black card, despite it’s flaws, was working well imo.


VAR is destroying soccer (unless you’re a Leicester fan). Meanwhile the GAA decide to destroy our own games by bringing in unwanted and unworkable rules. Suggested by committees where the majority have not played at the top level. Then you have referees who are probably exasperated by the whole thing but will say nothing because they might get bumped off the big games.


Not every foul. Every deliberate foul.

How do I, if I was a Referee, decide what was a deliberate act by another person. Are Referees now expected to be mind readers?

No, but you (the ref) should be able to recognize intent, or cynical play…only if certainty exists should the above action be taken. An attempt to play the ball, or if doubt persists, a free is given…

that part is not the hard bit IMO, it is deciding if covering defenders are in a position to get there or not.

Big games will be decided by these calls .
That’s before forwards start to con the refs . The likes of Cillian will be diving when a defender is in sight of the 21 . Game does not need it . I’m personally sick of these committees sticking there nose into the game. Members who have had their day in the sun already .


An easy example. Laois hurler going through. Danny Sutclife taps his foot with his hurl. Penalty and three points rather than yellow card and one point. Except if it was a penalty he would not have done it.

Dare I say discuss after the instance in Tipp v Clare today?

It’s the word “deliberate” in the rule that I have a problem with. Only one person knows what’s deliberate, everyone else has an opinion but won’t be 100% sure.

The word deliberate doesn’t feature in this instance.

And neither is the word clear. It just says goal scoring opportunity.

Its madness of a rule

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