Penalty Shootouts: Yay or Nay

I think the Penalty shootouts are actually a good idea Mayo Leitrim, Dublin Meath and Mayo Galway.
I would never ever like to see it in Championship but I think to 1) lessen the load on players 2) Give fringe players an opportunity to face real pressure and 3) surely the fans love it.
I think it’s a great “novelty” and would give the O’Byrne cup a little kick and uniqueness.

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Nay for me , too much of a soccer element to it .
Would be a brutal way to lose an important match. Throw in the fact you normally have one designated penalty taker on the team . You then have guys who are probably brutal at penos been expected to take them . We have Rock, Mannion and possibly Connolly. Even at that I’m never comfortable at us taking penos . Maybe someone could elaborate on it but I can’t imagine it’s practiced much by the forwards in training, considering it’s not an integral element of our game .


Nay for me I’d prefer shots from 45’s


Next score wins for me

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Fair Enough :+1: I think a 45 / Free Kick shootout would be better, more practical and more relevant, same excitement :thinking:

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Yay for me - but only if we win it.

Agree .

Would prefer 45’s to be honest.

How many people can realistically score 45s,they can be difficult especially if theres a wind

They could bring it in a bit, hell they are changing rules all the time, this would be no difference .

I did enjoy the penalties the other night some of ours were high quality,Meath not so much
But maybe if they were a little closer it could work 45 seems a lot further out

Could be shots from the 45, taken out of hand or from the ground.

Ladies football it’s frees from the hand from 20 metre line - maybe a bit further out for the men say edge of the D

Problem with a lot of the rule changes for me is that they only really seem to take inter county football into account, alot of the changes are not really practical at club level, especially in lower grades where players may not have the ability to kick the ball x distance or where a ref is by himself with no assistance.

Yay for O’byrne cup/ pre season tournaments
Nay for league/championship

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Paper, rock, scissors for me.

Should be decided on who can understand the New Rules better…

There’s new rules? Since when?

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