People I’d like to have a pint with

I was gonna add ‘people I wouldn’t like to have a pint with’ … but let’s keep it positive … :flushed:. So … initially … and this is by no means an exhaustive list … yet :grin:

(Already a lot of licking mods arses going on)
@Dublingal (without hubby)
@dubintipp - yeah I know …
and … defo … @LondonJack


:+1: Never liked you anyway…

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How did Rochey get in twice? Liam, if you pretended to be one of the Rocheys, you could get in!

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Can I be your +1

Only if you agree to use the gents toilet!!:rofl:

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Rod Stewart
Billy Connolly (don’t think he drinks)
Terry Hall
Paul MacCartney
Johnny Marr (doesn’t drink)
Kate Bush
Jackie Mason
Mel Brooks
Malcolm Gladwell
Robert De Niro

Threw a few non drinkers in to keep the price of a round down.

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Are we all going together?
Just me , you and all the blokes :blush:

You can sit with Kate Bush :slight_smile:

Can’t believe you didn’t include Ohm with your shared love for the dudeldangers and all that

meeting in The Bores Head…

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I’d say a pint (would he drink a pint?) with David Attenborough would be some experience. Also, a jar with some of the astral physicists like Michio Kaku would be unreal. After 12 pints I’d finally understand other dimensions and the fact that our existence may be a hologramme beamed from outer space!


Had a meeting with a child psychologist recently, would honestly love to have a pint with her, fascinating insight into the human mind!!!

She’s probably too young to get served :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Well no one said you can’t include the deceased…and as @Harrys_Tiles said…keeps the cost of a round down.

A man after my own heart.

3 each from sporting, music / comical and political worlds

Angelo Dundee - did you loosen those ropes?
Mike Tyson - should you have kept Rooney?
Muhammad Ali - calling Frazier an Uncle Tom.

Prince buster
Nicholas Colasanto (Coach from Cheers)
Bruce Springsteen

Bobby Sands - what does he think of the GFA
Ian P - if you could go back, would you’ve shared power
Michelle O’N: how to fook do we move on from here

And one more to make it an even 10…legendary comic, sadly suffered from depression in his later years, the king of chutzpah…Phil Silvers aka Sgt Bilko.

Jeffrey Epstein and with a dictaphone secretly recording him in my pocket.

First time in my life I’m glad I didn’t make the list. Small mercies and all that!

If he was alive

Mark Hollis RIP

Shane Meadows
London jack / Lone Ranger / Bart
Rian Hughes

You can only tag 10 posters in the one post. Never knew that at all. Made no difference to you being there mind you.

@MickeyDonovan was next

I’m sure myself and @Iomaint could hash a few things out over a few pints of plain and a bag of king

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You bring the hash and I’ll bring the crisps! King defo, far superior to Tayto! (Apologies Tayto!)

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