Pet Hates

So it’s Sunday morning and in the spirit of the programme that used to be on telly called Grumpy Old Men, this thread is for sharing the little things that grind your gears!
Things like a car alarm in the middle of the night, drivers not acknowledging when you have let them in, people skipping queues…

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People using disabled parking spots, who are fit and healthy! Actually bad driving in general!

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People who seek attention (over nothing) fanning their face with their hand… Usually teenage drama queens.
People who seek attention by saying “Oh My Gaaawd” - again, usually teenage drama queens.
The “Celeb” culture.
Lorraine Keane.
TV3 geebagism.


Would nt kick Lorraine out for eating biscuits…

Shops that have a queuing system, but they put the "Please queue this way :arrow_left: " sign over where you should queue & not where you shouldn’t queue. So the people who have no idea that a queuing system actually exists, just march on up to the till, completely oblivious to (or maybe deliberately ignoring) the line of people standing there fuming with anger.

(Marks & Spencer are absolute bastards for this.)

When you’re in someones house & you’re asked if you want tea or coffee & they put the milk in before they give it to you. Good manners dictate you can’t really kick up a fuss, that there is more milk than tea/coffee in the bloody cup.

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hey as a bad driver i object to that, i try me best. :tired_face:

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i love it when people lose the rag at queue skippers.

‘Have a nice day’ is bad enough but on Friday I was ordered to ‘enjoy your weekend’ after buying a bar of chocolate in the Texaco.
People who stir their tea or coffee for ages with those little sticks. There’s no need to do it, it’s all mixed up on the second or third stir.
Barmen who ask for the money before the pint is given to you.

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And when you ask for a drink, they say ‘No problem’. You’d imagine that it shouldn’t be a problem as you are in a pub!

When you’re getting your change from a sales assistant, bar man etc, and even though you put your hand out, they insist on putting the cash down on the counter in front of you.


Gobshites on Facebook who put up the ‘Oh my God what a crap day, can’t believe what happened’ and then go radio silent when people ask what happened or reply ‘I’ll DM you’… p*ss off you attention seeking arsehole! (Maybe this says more about me - nosey!!)

When driving and you let someone go at a junction etc and they don’t wave, flash or somehow acknowledge it


Do they have M&S on the northside?! :wink::wink::wink:

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People who still trot out that boring old Northside / Southside guff.


It was a direct, jesting comment, toward ProudDub who calls me and anyone who lives past the Red Cow a Kildare sheep shagger!

People who jump to conclusions!

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People who eat lunch at their desks or paint the back of the Jack’s and don’t fucking clean it.

ALL (almost) cyclists! The okeley dokeley MAMIL brigade who make Ned Flanders look like Ozzy Osbourne! Also the w**kers who gather in coffee shops after their 5,000km cycle or 1,000 km jog, comparing their distances/speeds/steps with their fit-bits and man-bags! (The only solution to these people would be a touch of ground hurling! )

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Jogging, going to the gym, keeping fit or any of that shite.



people who hashtag things

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People who constantly give out about radio shows but continue to listen to them …


People who can’t take a joke.